Information made available in all languages


Good day all. I guess this message is addressed to management/admin. But it is important for community too. My concern is with languages and the importance of all walks of life having equal opportunity to read in their own language native tongue everything about the company XYO. From its beginnings to now and everything in between. All apps need to be in all languages. All the technical stuff about the network and set ups geo mining all the how to’s needs to be in all languages. It would be handy also if read by a native speaker/writer of that language first to make sure that it’s coherent and not gobbledygook. XYO needs mass adoption. It Needs the whole world mapped and Geo mined. It needs sentinels on every corner of every street and some in between. I have 2 homes one in Australia/Adelaide the other in Thailand/Bangkok. There are 1.4 million people in Adelaide and 25 million in Australia. Most of these will be able to access through the English language details about XYO. Now I ask XYO the company how many of the people in Thailand of which there are 71 million 10.4 million in Bangkok Can access through the Thai language everything about XYO. I have lots of friends in Thailand, business people, taxi drivers you name it. The same applies for Malaysia also and Kuala lumpur with the Malay language


Myparadigm, welcome to the Forum! And thanks for your thoughtful post!

At this time we’ve got our main website content in the following languages, and we’ll consider this for the apps as you smartly suggest.

Currently we have content available in Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese.

We are working to localize our content, and as you can imagine the work is significant. We’ll keep at it, among the mix of other priorities.

Thanks again for weighing in with the suggestion!