Indiana area geominers

Looking for any members in Indiana. only a few dots on the matrix map so far.

I’m an Indiana resident, I’d say most of the dots around the Indy area are probably from me back in April/early-May. They have been updating the diviner/achivist app, so no new data is getting populated since then. This is evident by the fact that none of the “total in network” numbers have changed in a few weeks.

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good to hear. Im down in Jasper area. Looking forward to the matrix coming back online to get a feel for indiana coverage.

Hey everyone, this is actually my first post in these forums.

I’m an Indiana resident as well. I’m on the west side of Indianapolis trying to hit geo mining hard. Love the concept so far and have been fascinated by things like geo caching before I ran into Xyo. Would love to have some more local friends to talk to about this stuff.

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If you’re on the west side of Indy, you must be the other person that I’ve seen mining on 465. I drive that to and from work every day.


That’s definitely me! I’ll leave a little drop for ya next time i’m on 465 :slight_smile:

I’m so giddy right now haha. Xyo/Xyo’s community is just too rad.

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