Ideas for other people to develop using xyo protocol


Hi… I think it might be useful if we, the community, post ideas of who we think they, xyo, should partners with.

My first 7 suggestions would be criminal monitoring services IE ankel bracelets for monitoring people who are under house arrest locations at certain times. This would be useful as it might be able to help keep the world safe.

Pizza and other food delivery services could have them on this bikes/cars to know exactly where your food is.

Medical services could implement xyo into patient monitoring services so that if a device detects a patient is having a serious medical problem they could be found using the xyo protocols help could be sent.

4th, crash detection and recovery system. Using a system that is triggered by a car crash, say for example of an automatic car, which when crashes automatically reports it’s crash location to recovery company and insurance company.

5th, credit card payment verification. Where when a credit card with a rfid chip or a card on a phone IE apple pay is done it makes a lot of exactly where geographically the payment is made.

6: Vertual reality, using location data to map out mazes and other things in VR.

7: tailored advertisement. If you for example have a loyalty card and the xyo protocols running on your devices in the back ground it could display either to a advert screen near you or on your device if you come within a certain distance of the company.

I do have other ideas, but I’d like to hear some of yours.

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Voter registration and voter ID at poling places or internet

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