I just realized!

I was actually scammed into buying a bridge!!

I wonder if those XYO geniuses have weed parties and laugh at how stupid we all are?

Hi Katie,
I understand how you are viewing the info. I believe that I did read we can get coin on WIFI however inorder to get payment credits a bridge is needed.

I am going to keep coining with the bridge download to trust I may get a bigger %age.

Everything is so new I only came to the information a couple months back. I do ask the support team offered from the XY/XYO company.

There are lots of apps to download for info and others who have known about XY/XYO. I’m still learning.


I hope you learn something that the rest of us haven’t already learned. I wish you all the best!

I have an off-brand bridge. Not set up yet and probably the point where I over-invested. The price of the sentinel is likely to be made back but the bridge is more questionable. When I get home this weekend I will try to set it up.

Interestingly, XYO has stopped selling the package with the bridge. This is according to the XYO official reddit account after a user noted the link to buy the mining package has been redirected to the “free” sentinel sales page,

When I purchased my bridge it was being advertised they will not be making anymore of this model after they are gone. I think I purchased more because it was the first made rather than anything lol.