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Hello Team, and XYO community!

I’m really excited about the XYO network, I’m a graphic designer, no coder, well I can do HTML, CSS, but there it stops… So maybe I’m talking out of my league here, I have been thinking about what could be a killer Dapp for the XYO Network, to draw attention and start adoption. And I would like to share my idea with you guys.

As a designer I already see this Dapp in front of me, in terms of style and UI design. I wanted to design the logo and user interface, but maybe run my idea through you guys first. Let me know what you think!

I would like to call my Dapp: HUNT FOR TREASURE

Before I explain the game, I would like to set the style of the game, for your imagination.

Although there isn’t really need for character design or animation, the style of the app (logo, colours and graphics used) should be funny, caricature, toony. With bright colours, like Fortnite and Family Guy.

Furthermore, the Dapp’s UI should be extremely simple and clear, and easy to use. With bright colours, big indicators and buttons and not too much information on one screen.

The Game
HUNT FOR TREASURE is an Dapp you install on your iPhone or Android (preferable game release on both platforms at the same time). The Dapp contains a wallet which you can top-up with your credit card (or maybe even fund from another crypto account). I was thinking this should be an Ether wallet, but maybe a bitcoin wallet using USDT is better for main adoption. – This way the transition from USD to crypto (USDT) isn’t that big of a difference for the majority of the people who are new to crypto. – I think it’s very important to make the transition as small/easy as possible for people new to crypto, also on a psychological level.

Okay, so know we have topped-up our Dapp wallet , we can activate or ‘turn-on’ the Dapp, and we’re ready for the Hunt!

To take part in the Hunt will cost you 1 USDT, this will be automatically transferred from your Dapp wallet when the Hunt begins, or when you enter an active hunt area with an ‘activated’ Dapp.

Once there are 100 ‘hunters’ or more in a an area, let’s say 10 KM radius (6.4 Miles). the ‘HUNT FOR TREASURE’ automatically commences.

The Treasure is placed, randomly somewhere within that specific area (or maybe in a bit larger area). The Dapp alerts the user with a blinking screen saying: THE HUNT IS ON!!! The Dapp UI shows the hunter which direction to go (simple compass style indicator), and tells the relative distance to the treasure.

The treasure is the total amount of crypto (USDT) the players have paid to take part in the hunt, so if there are 100 ‘hunters’, there is a treasure of 100 USDT.

If more hunters join, by entering the ‘Hunt for Treasure’ area with an ‘activated’ Dapp, the HUNTER COUNT will go up, and the TREASURE gets bigger! Of course this is clearly visualised and updated live on the Dapp’s UI.

It would be nice to integrate the phone’s camera and add some funny AR functions. And of course social media sharing features. – Maybe even an automated post by the ‘Hunt for Treasure’ facebook page, when new hunts are ‘triggered’, to maximize and attract more hunters.

Promotion campaign
When launching the app, it would be wise to run a promotion campaign on social media. And have some funds ready to make the first (promotional) ‘Treasure drops’ in major cities, with big prizes, to draw attention and promote Dapp download.

To sum up the Hunt For Treasure Dapp UI functions and indicators:
Home screen: Account name, Wallet, activate (I’m ready for the hunt) button.
Active Hunt screen: Treasure count, Hunter count, compass style indicator with relative distance.
AR screen: AR Hunt for Treasure Box, Photo and Video Social sharing button.

// Needles to say XYO tokens is what powers the app and network.

Please let me know what you think!

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