How to use my friends (and sentinels and extra iphone)

Hi and excited to be here. I am interested in the best way to use my 8 sentinels, Android phone I currently use and an iPhone that is not on a cell network but obviously has WiFi and bluetooth. And my friends.

I have friends who will be happy to carry a sentinel around but are unlikely to mine coin. If the coin app could run in the background they might, but not otherwise.

I also have an iPhone that works fine but was too beat up to trade in. Weirdly, I notice just having it in my house it seems to grab a lot more bound witnesses than the Android. So it is my bridge.

Given that I will mine with my android phone and that I am aware that the coin value may go nowhere but this is just a fun hobby, and given that I am ok with giving out sentinels just to build out the network, what is the best way forward. I have several friends I see frequently and so will interact with their sentinels regularly. Does it make sense just to stuck sentinels in their cars and have my iPhone bridge grab data off the sentinels every couple of days? I mean coins at least have the possibility of increasing in value.

Or should I give one friend the iPhone to stick in one of her several worksites to mine awhile? And then move to another?

Are there more creative ways to use this combo of equipment?

What might you do?

I have 16 Sentinels. There is only need for two at most. Wait until your 8 Sentinels, 6 of which you don’t need start chirping, dying, and shutting themselves off permanently with no warning. This game is a lot more of an adventure than XYO advertises. We get to spend way too much money one equipment that has no use whatsoever, spend months and hard earned cash trying to get it to work, only to find out it never did work, and now isn’t even necessary, and then lay odds on when it will break, die, or become completely obsolete to the latest and greatest new GET RICH SOMEDAY scheme. Welcome to the weird, whacky, and unpredictable world of XYO.
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I keep one in my car and two on me all of the time so I can maximize any mining I do with the Coin app. You can register a sentinel on your Coin app and give it to a friend to increase their mining in Coin and you get a percentage of what they mine.

Sentinels can communicate with each other, with bridges and the XYO network app but there is not really anyone using the network yet. You will also want to get familiar with “staking.”

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There is no network to use, and no one developing one, by all accounts. Who at XYO do you think has the technical skill to develop this universe changing technology? Look at what IS happening or NOT happening, not all the hype. Clearly, people are still in the dark and investing in this project on the basis of misleading, false, and inaccurate information. Enjoy your game, but that’s all it is.

If the goal is to earn XYO, a sentinel plus the Coin app is the first step. To add any more value you need a Bridge X which allows sharing sentinels or leaving hem in public places int he hope a COIN user will pass by.

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Thanks for the replies, though I guess I did not communicate clearly. I have 8 sentinels and an extra iPhone with no carrier. I have friends who will carry sentinels but are not interested in mining. I was just trying to figure out a good way to put all that together.

Anyway, I am also curious why my iPhone acting as a bridge pulls in so many more Bound witnesses than the Android. Anyone know?

I’m sure that’s all covered on their conscientiously laid out tech support page, or maybe you could call their tech support line, which is manned by their extremely enthusiastic customer support team.

Oh wait, I was thinking of a real company, not this pretend one. XYO is like a kid’s pretend kitchen. Everything is there, it all looks good, and it’s so fun to play and pretend with, but when it’s lunch time, you gotta go to the real big people’s kitchen for real food. There are no vitamins and minerals in someone else’s imagination. Just like there is no Network in the XYO, or any kind of customer support unless you pay for it and then, maybe. Maybe now, maybe later, maybe someday, maybe not. Kids playing imaginary games aren’t usually very reliable.

You could still mine with your extra iPhone through wifi if you don’t have a carrier, and use a sentinel to gather extra coins through mining. There are some miners using multiple phones and accounts to mine.

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We do know. The answer remains, if your goal is to earn tokens, you can use one sentinel per phone running a COIN app. Each app needs to be registered to a different email address and not mining the same location at the same time.

If your goal is to just play with the tech then there are other options.

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Second phone does not have a data plan so it would have to stay in wifi contact. So I could mine one tile for awhile but is that worth it?

I guess I could move it around some. I guess the question was really if it made note sense to use it as a bridge.

I use a stationary phone and a moving phone. It does increase the yield a fair bit.

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