How to help - for novices

Hi! I bought into the ICO and also Gamma. I have bought XY shares as well. I saw that we get a mining kit after spending 5.4 ETH (from what I recall). My question is this…How does this work for the layman/woman? If I want to actually help with the locations of things that people want to track/know, do I need to spend additional ETH to get to the 5.4 amount? Is that the only way? I’m not opposed, and am getting cash together to get that whole thing going, actually, regardless. But I would like to know if that is the way to get our rollout moving along, from an individual investor perspective?

TOTALLY ok if that’s the only way, but is that how this works?

Thank you for any insight!


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Hi Chris,
Welcome and thank you for your support! The ‘Mining Kit w/ the purchase of the 5.4 ETH’ offer has expired. However, whenever you invest in XYO equity or tokens you will be given the opportunity to purchase a geo-mining kit. Unfortunately there is no way to do this retroactively as it is an ‘upon-purchase’ offer. Next time you go through the purchase process you will be prompted with the offer. :slight_smile:

Ohhhhhh I see -ok thank you!

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No problem, any time!

When i first looked into buying XYO stock and the Geominers the website said that i had to purchase with ETH. It took me forever to buy 1 ETH. When i went back to the website, it had changed. The same link that i had saved for XYO Network now took me to XY Findables at It now says i can purchase with a credit card. Is this the real deal or is this one a scam. The emails that i received after purchase are what linked me to this community site. I am kinda scared righr now reading some of these. I really tried to be careful.

Hi @Tawny, No need to be alarmed, our apology for the confusion. I mentioned briefly on another one of your posts but I will mention it here again in case others have the same question—

Currently, XYO is not selling XYO Tokens to US Citizens. However, this does not mean you cannot be a part of the XY Community! XY Findables, (the company behind the XYO Network, also us) blockchain project, has a Reg A+ offering that allows us to sell shares in XY! You can purchase XY Equity easily with a credit card, and you will not need ETH. Hence the different layout on our website.

XYO Tokens and XY Equity are slightly different, and you can learn more about the differences here:

If you’d like to learn more about XY Findables and its relationship to the XYO Network, you can learn about it here:

Finally, you can check out our SEC Reg A+ qualification and purchase XY Equity here:

Please email our investors support team if you have any additional questions: :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you @Erika for the feedback. I feel relieved that I did things correctly. I was originally wanting to purchase tokens but after reading this i am happy to have purchased the stocks. That was the right path for me. I guess someone upstairs was watching out for me and guiding my path.


@Tawny, not a problem. Let me know if you have any other questions, I’m always happy to help!

From our entire team at XYO— thank you so much for your support!


I just finished the XY Equity purchase and had trouble during check out of the Mining Kit. Due to my credit card’s fraud protection, I was declined the transaction during check out, after I have approved the purchase attempt with my bank, I was stuck at the mining kit check out window without success to finish the transaction.
I’ve send an email to XYO support team, but worried that I lost the chance to buy the mining kit.
How do I get to buy the mining kit now?

This is exactly what happened to me as well! I would still like to buy a kit but haven’t heard back after a couple of emails yet. Thanks! Chris

Thanks for letting us know - our support team should get back to you soon with a link to finish your purchase or to re-purchase.

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hi, im Andrea from New Zealand, I’m very new to this and definitely wanted to get my mining kit when I purchased my shares but it wouldn’t finish the transaction so I just paid for the shares. I am in the process of saving up for the ETH to purchase my tokens, but I’m on a fixed income so it will take a wee while, but I’m very determined. back to the mining kit, please include me in the list of people that need the opportunity to revisit my initial mining kit offer that I missed out on due to some sort of glitch. also one more question please, your xyo network home page keeps telling me I have a US IP address, but I’m not there I’m most definitely here, and I’m not using any proxy or anything, can you advise me how to get around this issue please… SO GLAD TO BE PART OF THE TEAM

I purchased shares and a mining kit. All arrived to my house. I opened the box and was a bit confused. I found a content list of all that was in the box but no directions. By trial and error I got my miner connected to my network. I had no forms to fill out with the miner. I asked myself, how will I get the tokens and what do all those numbers mean?


Check out…Twitter about matrix…im sad…I bought stock…after that bought minning rig…and Scot said something about a monthly membership payment😒…I for sure feel left out in the cold.@cryonut1

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@Lotusway, the monthly payment would be for Geohackers community. Note that it’s geoHACKERS, so you might not be out in the cold. If, like me, you’re going to geoMINE with the Bridge and Sentinels and maybe an Archivist, that’s not the same as geohacking. Geohackers community (if I understand correctly) is for the people who want to write their own software to run on the XYO Network and on Ethereum blockchain. If you’re just going to mine, then you don’t require the support of the subscription-based Geohackers Community.

Stick around and we’ll figure this out together. As the entire system is still being rolled out (and invented as they go!), some of our confusion is because some parts of the dream aren’t running IRL yet

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I don’t know where else to post this, or even find an answer…
Hello I really need help and don’t know where to turn.
I have been trying to link my Matrix account, with KOVAN TEST NET,
but every time i try to send funds from KOVAN TEST NET,
to my MetaMask Wallet it says funds can not be transferred
for 24 hour and i have not even got 1st transaction yet.
So why wont it let me get the test funds,
I cant go any further with out that first,
can some one please help if you can???
Its driving me nut i have been trying since yesterday.
I would like to move foreword and get this all set up.

I’ve gone this far…ill wait and give a little time for working out the bumps…Have you have problems with withdraw times on coin app?..I reached out to support , was told wait few days.@chris

I has no issues with my 2 withdraws, but each happen to be on a Monday morning around 9 AM. In each case, it was processed around 3 PM that day…

I know you say you haven’t completed a transaction yet, but I do remember reading that there is a wait period after you do a transfer… maybe that’s what you’re running into? Sure your wallet address was correct for the Test Net? I haven’t tried using Kovan yet, waiting to get the updated firmware for the sentinels, so I don’t have any first-hand experience yet… just remembering that I read that somewhere.

I got it working, Now i am trying to find the OS.img to install on bridge. Do you know where i can find???