How To Flash Your Own SD Card

Hey guys, thanks for waiting!

Our technical writer Phil has finished a walkthrough on how to flash your own SD card, and the image is up for download. You’ll need a program called Etcher to do the flashing.

Scroll halfway down the page or so and you’ll see the section that walks you through this process.

Thanks Phil!

Just tried the update routine on this build as detailed in the docs and it reports the dpkg module was not installed and therefore could not upgrade.
Once the module was installed with sudo dpkg --configure -a the upgrade completed correctly.


Hi Pizzamind,

Do you mean, instead of waiting for the new SD card. I can, if i could update my bridge using a Etcher program?

If i could. Where do i get this program?

open source program:

See my new post. Definitely use Etcher unless you are really proficient in linux. I did all the work using the disk utility and Etcher on my macbook.

What about on an Android device?

This is a disk image for use on the Raspberry PI bridges. This is not related to the COIN app or the XYO network app.

How do I flash the SD card on an Android device? I have tried using raspi card imager for Android but it says the SD card is not “rooted”

You have to erase/format it first. It needs to be xFat.

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