How does XYO get around these problems?


”Contracts And The Oracle Problem”

Interesting read, wondering how XYO tackles these problems… Hopefully someone can elaborate on this.

Thank you :pray:

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This is great news indeed.

If Komodo has indeed implement a working solution as published, then it may well open potential opportunities for XYO in terms of a synergistic security solution where XYO can be the very link between the external data points and blockchain(s).

nonetheless a chance, as Komodo addressing the problem with an attempt to rely in lesser measures on external data points in terms of secure block conformation, but actually having XYO to step up and to stand high in its own field offering its collecting value to be utilised, may further solidify chain security and facilitate a co-op that is beneficial for any supported or participating network.

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…Or they can start issuing Crypto Kitties, Sugar Free Red Bull and Hot Pockets and I will fix the Entire Blockchain Paradigm all by myself (depending on the rarity of the ETH CryptoKitty, lets be real, I want an epic one lol)

But seriously, great question and response, the further we move along with blockchain and the public starts to access and use private blockchains/permission based blockchains, the question of security is bound to arise because just as we are diligently working towards the goals of validity and integrity of the system, others are working in the complete opposite fashion to cheat and replicate that validity, nothing is impossible and eventually cracks in the marble will occur and vulnerabilities will be exposed. Hmmmm Blockchain police might become an actual entity we may need lol.





if one’s compare the ratio of light to darkness in the universe, the crypto related malicious attempts and the many incidents are the strong force of its evolution and likely will be many until we can code the GOD-DAO,
and also, the legacy system we live in has its own undeniable achievements on the social and economical reorganization …end I’m drifting lol…
do you breed kitties? :full_moon_with_face:

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@top @galanm05

@galanm05 Yes CryptoCats, or known as CryptoKitties, there is now also, Crypto Cutties. Basically they are whats called a NFT or Non-Fungible Token or basically a digital collectible item. So actually existing on the blockchain, they have these little CryptoKitties(on the ETH blockchain) which are these really good graphic representation of cartoon cats. It started out as a little funny incentive for people to buy ETH and ETH based tokens, but it rocketed to the moon and others like me who love kitties started buying crypto specifically to try and get a CryptoKitty to collect. What occurred from that is the value of these Kitties is considered great, because they are rare and unique. I read in an article a while back that something on the order of like 2 million dollars was spent by people JUST for the CryptoKitties. This then turned into actual Crypto Token based in…Kittys…being created and sold. Some other cryptos followed suit and now there a couple pretty cool digital collectible items out there. I think one of the more popular or recent one is BlockChain Cutties which run on ETH, TRON, and EOS blockchains. Plus another cool one is STEEM Monsters, which is like a Crypto Deck Building game, that one is based in STEEM tokens/dollars, which is a Social/Blogging based Crypto. There are tons of awesome Crypto Games, Collectibles, and more, I will list some links here for everyone, enjoy!
@top No I never got into the kitty breeding, but I wish I did!, and your not drifting, I totally know what you mean, just like war in society breeds innovation, to overcome or get an advantage on an enemy, that innovation turns into invention, that invention turns into social reorganization and breeds competition in business leading to more innovation and so on and so on…lol




Yo RCL, thanks for links, is fantastic, how long has this been out? :flushed: can’t believe I haven’t come across of it yet.

If you have any interest in TCGs and you have them kitties, come and check Mythereum out, it is a continuous development atm. with very (I mean very very) low issuance in terms of collectible crypto assets.
Here’s a link to our Discord too and everyone who is interested is welcomed :relaxed:

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it is one of the first platform offering cross compatibilty to cryto assets of other games and an entire edition has been assigned to so called “Mythicats” where you can forge you kitties to a playable Mythereum Card. There are tournaments to win real though and entry is not gonna cost you real dough so any one interested and need advise, I’m more than happy to introduce anyone from the XYO community

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Do they have 9 lives? I remember them.