How does Coin interact with remote SentinelX

I have 4 SentinelXs. I want to give one to my brother who lives in Spain. How will my Coin app understand his movements and Tokens and credit me with 10%, assuming he also installs Coin? I don’t have a bridge.

First step, either purchase a Bridge X from XYO, find one on the internet (Ebay, etc.) or make your own Rasberry Pi version with instructions from the internet and software downloaded from XYO.
As an alternative, find someone with a Bridge X who is willing to let you set up your sentinels for sharing. Sharing setup is a one time step process that only takes a few moments but it is the only way to share token collection.

Second step, send the sentinel to your brother and have him start geomining with Coin. He will get 90% of the tokens collected and you will receive a geodrop each day for the other 10% of the tokens he collects.

Give your other two sentinels to people who are willing to geomine and you will receive 10% of what each of them collects.

Note that in practice only one sentinel works with each Coin account, yet many geominers keep two sentinels with them in case there are battery or other disconnect issues.

Finally, when sharing sentinels, make sure that you and the other person are not mining the same tile area. Two miners in one tile will result in lower token collections for each and possibly the tile area taking an hour to reset rather than the normal 6 minutes or so.


Does that mean then that without access to a BridgeX, there’s no point in having more than 1 SentinelX


If I use the XYO Bridge SDK from Google Play, is that able to act as a proper Bridge for the above purpose?

There are future plans for sentinels as the XYO network is built out, but for the present, all you need is one sentinel per Coin account.

In a case where you have people who will work with you, close family member for example, one strategy is for each of you to Coin independently, then withdraw XYO tokens from each Coin app to the same cryptowallet (Metamask, myetherwallet, or others that support XYO). Currently you withdraw XYO from the Coin app each time your collect 10K or more with a two week wait between withdrawals. XYO has yet to automate the process. There are more detailed instructions for each of these steps on the internet and youtube.

I have also suggested that Geohackers plan meetups in metro areas at a place such as a coffee shop with wifi where someone brings a Bridge X so sentinels can be set up for sharing. Those with extra sentinels could also distribute them to earn the 10% bonus. Another way to build the network and our investment.

Just saw your last message, the XYO network app for phones from Google Playstore doesn’t allow you to set up sentinels for sharing. When you are on Coin, click the account avatar on the top right of the screen and then click the Sentinel Sharing bar. A dialog box will pop up telling you that there is not a Bridge X available.