How does bridge pay out?


Do we have to create/link an account to bridge or does the bridge link to coin app to pay earned xyo?

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From my understanding (although it’s based on screenshots and hints at this stage) it will not connect to COIN. You’ll need to have the matrix on your laptop. The matrix has not yet been released so I could be wrong. But my understanding is you need to link it with a crypto wallet.

Edit: what I will also say is you can only hold xyo tokens in COIN for a year from point of gathering.

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Is there a recommended wallet to store our coins in?


From COIN official email for withdrawal request, the address should be one of these address:

“Warning: only provide a valid Ethereum wallet address that you own the private key for or your withdrawal may be lost. If you provide an exchange wallet (such as coinbase) or an ethereum contract address where you do not own the private key you will lose your withdrawal. Again make sure you own your private key for the public wallet address you provide such as one you would create from IDEX, Metamask, Mist, Parity, Ethereum Wallet, geth or MyEtherWallet”.

I used Metamask for my first withdrawing. It works fine.


Do tokens need to be removed within one year of mining?


For those of us that are new to the crypto world it would be really helpful if some specific instructions on how to do this were made available. I am worried that I am going to loose everything because I do not have a complete understanding and there are no instructions on how to do it.

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I plan to withdraw from COIN to my Metamask account on a Monthly basis.

Note: only 1 withdrawal is allowed every 14 days from the COIN app.

CAUTION!! If you choose to use Metamask I think you have to ADD XYO as a new token to your ethereum account before you send Coin to it.
You will need the XYO contract address, no. of Decimal places and Token Symbol, although when I entered the contract address into Metamask it auto filled the rest of the info for me.
You’ll find the contract address on


I went with Atomic Wallet and it has worked well.


Don’t worry about it. Every newer has to experience it. I think it is always right: use a small amount of coin to try new things, new address, new exchanges, new platform. You’ll be fine! :grinning:

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I decided on Trust Wallet. Very easy to use, you don’t need to be a programmer to figure it out.