How do you optimize collection of coin/xyo

Gday fellow geohackers from Western Australia.

So im trying to kill time while we wait to be able geomine with our bridges,

Please share your tips for maximizing returns for time spent using coin to “mine”, I use that term loosely.

Any info is welcomed.


I have been an investor and a miner from the beginning and I am still not sure what I am actually achieving. Or why the sentinels don’t have a memory so that you can download instead of having to mine on a consistent basis. In other words is it just me or does everyone have to press the “mining” button every few seconds to get their coins? Also what do I do with the coins once mined. I am signed into my app but is that enough?


COIN app is really just a way to give out XYO tokens to early adopters, to generate interest in the project and to get sentinels out there and being used. The devs at XYO told us that it isn’t really adding very much in terms of quality data at the moment, but will be more useful in the future as the app and the the network develops.

Yes, you have to press the mining button every few seconds (unless you use a separate automatic clicking app).

When you have collected more than 10,000 coins you can transfer them to a wallet/exchange to HODL or sell.

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