How do I setup my mobile Bridge

I have downloaded and installed XYO Network v1.0.19 on my Android mobile phone. It displays the bridge that I set up and my 4 sentinels. Is the bridge capable of recording my points and passing them on or do I have to buy a dedicated bridge?

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If you meant to earn and collect tokens COIN app and one sentinel is all you need. The XYO app and Bridge X adds no earnings and is more people interested in the technical aspect whether the benefit from it directly (any time soon) or not.

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So how do my tokens get recognised by the “system” for want of a better word?

All you need to do to get your tokens is click on them, ask to withdraw, and provide a wallet address.


The Coin App also acts as a virtual Bridge device.
The Network App is not necessarily required for data to reach the Oracle network.

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I understand there’s not much point to withdrawing until I have at least 10k tokens, which will be a little while yet.
Thanks, pinballdreamer, I didn’t realise that.

I do know first withdrawal must be minimum of 10k. I’ve only completed my second withdrawal, I have no idea if it is required for minimum 10k thereafter or not.
Has anyone tried?

Riches beyond compare! You must be worth at least £5.

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Yes, 10k is the min for any withdrawal.

Is that comment referring to me?

Hi butterfingers,
Yes. I was being flippant. I understood that the monetary value of 10k tokens isn’t very high.

“You must be worth” rather than “that must be worth”

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I get what you mean. My pedantry standards are slipping.