How can I geomine without repeatedly pressing pickaxe?


Any ideas how to get it to mine without pressing pick axe?


That feature is comming in marches update but for now you can’t.


Gutted thanks. How come when i took my sentinel out for a run without my phone could i not geomine where u had been?

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Untill march yoh need your phone to act as a bridge… also it’s picking up your phones GPS signal, so currently, without the phone its currently requiring an internet connected device.


Understand thanks George. So no benefit at the moment to give my kids and misses inless register there mobiles and ask them to keep clicking pick axe?


Not in tokens… but you can use the xyo findit app to track them if you find thst a benefit?


@Cheesy1 So I do have an a small solution to your question about how your can mine without actually pressing the button. Now in terms of mining XYO without the app being active or hardware, that I don’t really know, that is something for future XYO functionality, but I’m sure it won’t be long. However, I have figured out a small way of collecting a little bit of extra XYO without your physically having to touch the bottom. But before I share this with you or anyone else, I will be messaging Scott and Jin about the legality of this, I don’t want to get anyone’s account cancelled nor my own. I will get back to you with this, just give me a day or two to get some info from the proper channels. This ability is not a ground breaking way to get more XYO, but it has enabled me to earn about two to three hundred XYO tokens daily extra. In saying that, I like the way you thinking about this, if you have any other ways or tips that are giving you an edge, I would say feel free to start a thread as long as you feel its not breaking any protocol or cheating the system. I think we have a great opportunity to get in on the bottom floor of a Skyscraper that is headed to the Moon. Talk to you soon.

-ReconCatLord :telescope::cat2::crown:


Can you ping me / us when you get a determination? Thanks.

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Hey recon thanks for message i have had a little clarity on the situation legally. What you cant do is give the same log in to other users to mine more they wil shut you down. However they have said other users can set up on own with new login and legal to have your wallet attatched.:+1::ok_hand:

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@galanm05 @Cheesy1
Thanks for that info, that’s good info to have. Buuuuuttt…I was actually thinking about a different way to earn more XYO, I have written scott and Jin and customer support, still haven’t heard back from anyone, sooo…I will message you both directly.

-ReconCatLord :telescope::cat2::crown:


is it just me that doesn’t find the COIN app very compelling ?

At home its press button - get a little bit of XYO - wait for square to reset - press button …
Its too distracting to drive and press. Maybe if I rode public transportation every day it would be mildly interesting.
I receive the emails from XY gushing about the COIN app and asking me to tell my friends and family about it. The first thing they would ask is " I would spend my time clicking the pickaxe thingy why ??"
I get that they need to get the word out and get a critical mass of hardware out there, but I don’t get why they think the COIN app is appealing in its present form.


@Yompster ??? Who doesn’t like free money/cryptocurrency? The whole idea of the project is building a non GPS based location network with smart contract and block chain intergration. So the more you travel, the more compelling it becomes!

Have you thought about adding a timed autoclicker app to your device, you could be making lots of crypto, just while you sleep, at least that’s what I’m doing when I’m not traveling. Plus right now this is more geared towards spreading the word to the Road Map of XYO. You get a lot more interest with smiles and rainbows then hard labor and turds.

I understand what you mean when you say Compelling, yes it’s not like watching trapeze artists flying through the air, but the motivation should be the end result. Which is you own as much XYO crypto as possible and the value of the crypto goes to $0.25 or imagine a $1.00, if that happened right now I’m retiring early from the Army. And additional motivation from being at the ground floor of a world changing technology. Just think how the first ppl mining bitcoin felt, extremely boring mining, burning thru video card GPUs, people asked all the time, “why am I doing this?” Then one day they woke up and saw bitcoin run up to $19k a coin, some became literal million and billionaire within months. If they were smart they got out at the right time. Not saying XYO is go anywhere near $19k, but hey…two or three or four years from now, if it goes to $1, one measly dollar, I’m going to be one happy soldier!!

-ReconCatLord :telescope::cat2::crown:


@Yompster if you wait gill sometime in march (not entierly sure when) according to the video they released on the 6th some automation will come in… It’s still currently a beta we have access to.

As @ReconCatLord says, hopefully it’ll one day become $1per token. I’m not sure how the guy at thd head of the leader board got what he did. $750+ in first week looks dodgy to me. But still, if i did find it at $1 per token one day, I’d probably cash out and create a budiness for me, my partner and my partners daughter to run. What would you do @yompster?

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I wonder about the 266,896 XYO mined in the first week too George. I’d bet they would have made more $$ working a job though.

And Reconcat, a few years ago I bought a couple of asic’s and mined bitcoin when it was between 300 and 800 , and heated the house. Sold it too early in the run up, but still made a nice profit. I am currently running 4 GTX 1080 TI’s and mining ravencoin and been heating the house all winter. I get the whole deal man. I bought XYO on an exchange and store it on a Ledger, so yea, I would love it to go to $1.
With the quantity that exists, I’m skeptical it would get there, but I’d be very happy if it hit 20 cents.

Is it an acceptable practice with XY to use an autoclicker ?


Which autoclicker app do you recommended Recon? :heart: your bit about retiring early right on the button :ok_hand::+1:


y’all come on with the sauce for the auto clicker until it’s enabled by an update!


@ReconCatLord used to be a regular poster, but since he mentioned using an auto clicker he hasn’t made a single post. I have 3 theories 1) killed in action… he was a soldier, it’s not imposible. 2)he was banned for talking about something he shouldn’t have. 3) he got bored and wondered off.


Or 4 He’s on active servive somewhere out of contact


I use “Automatic Clicker” from the google play store. My friend was not able to find one for the Iphone. The way I see it, if the company wants location data and i can send more than the average user (I travel 300 days a year) as well as be rewarded more than the average user… i dont think there is a problem with an auto clicker. Whats good for me is also good for the company. Work Smarter, Not Harder. Autonomous Coin app is coming later anyway.

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I use macrodroid. I even have it set up to click more frequently when connected to my cars Bluetooth, so that is nice

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