Hotel dApp Quest - Spatial Tickets Giveaway

Hotel use cases

  • Water prof tracker for Surfers and back country snowboarding.
  • I work security for a hotel I walk the floors all night. It would be useful to know if the guest is nearby or even in the room.
  • Use the XYO as a reward system for tracking return guest.
  • Reward system for tracking that we at the hotel recommend a restaurant or other places.
  • So distribute XYO with recommendation tracking.
  • Hotel equipment, tracking towels, beach equipment & amenities.
  • XYO To be used as a paper coupon replacement tracking the recommendations.
  • Help the hotel keep track of the luggage is being held.
  • Help keep track of available parking spaces.
  • GPS guest door key apps that can be used to track a return reward system and near by recommended coupons.
  • If everyone had programmable GPS keys that would change the check in process for hotels and equipment Rentals.