Help for the elderly


On my local news today the police has started a program that uses a wrist born device that helps people find elderly people who might wander off. The devices are fairly large and apparently very expensive. It made me realize a Sentinel might be perfect with a few minor changes.especially if it could be made to look like like some thing the ladies might want to wear and/or make it rechargeable so they can put it on or in their pocket when they go out. A sentinel could save a lot of people in that way. I mean I keep one on my dog just in case…why wouldn’t it work for people? I already assume people will attach them to their kids backpacks etc. Just wondering has this been approached yet?


@cryptonut1 made this suggestion a while ago. But i yhink you two are right. Someone should make it.

Memory loss, Dementia, or Alzheimer’s


I’m always a little late to the big idea party. :sunglasses:


Just because someone has had an idea, doesnt mean the did anything with it. You could still develop a system.


This is a good idea. The XY4 Sentinels are also Findables and can already be used with the Findables app. The only possible problem might be the range as they use Bluetooth with a 300’ line of sight range, as I understand it. I admit that I have not looked seriously at the Findables aspect as I’ve been focusing on geomining, etc.