Having sentinel issues please help


Hopefully, someone can help. I set up the bridge and all seems to work ok with that. The sentinels or xy4+'s won’t stay connected. Set up worked, updated firmware, and after they were connected looked good yet about 20 minutes later they the app would go from saying nearby to “searching” although they didn’t move. Waited an hour plus and no change, If I click the button on the sentinel it pops right back up and says nearby, yet 20 minutes later gone again unless I click it. I have 5 of the 8 set up and they are all doing the same thing. Seems like their timing out of something and shutting off but that would make no sense given the purpose of the device. Please Help

Geomining kit set up. Wtf?

bluetooth connection latency sounds like its being worked on in a firmware update.

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Thanks definitely a firmware 4.0.60 issue. all sentinel I upgrade power-down after 10 to 20 minutes and need to be powered back on to work again.the ones running on 4.0.53 work as advertised.any clue when a fix for this is dropping???..im down 5 of 8 sentiinels.

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Or does anyone know if its possible to rollback and if so how?


4.0.60 did seem to increase the sentinels bluetooth range, but also causes them to shut off after a period of time.
I have 1 that would not take the firmware update and is working fine, except it beeps every so often. Hopefully devs will keep us posted of a firmware update that fixes this either in this thread, or perhaps create a firmware issues thread. At this point I would advise leaving your sentinels on 4.0.53 if you have not updated.

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I hope so having 5 of my 8 sentinels out of commission really limits me . I’m also not a fan of having over a hundred bucks worth of plastic paper weights. Hopefully the fact that they shut themselves off means the batteries aren’t depleting or that’s an additional cost just waiting for the firmware update. I hesitant to remove the batteries but I may until a fix is released. So in summary don’t make the same mistake we did DO NOT UPDATE THE FIRMWARE!! until these issues are fixed or at least until a dev replies.

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Since they are not running bluetooth when they are shut off, I would assume its actually saving battery life. I had one in the kit that came with a dead battery. You can get a 6 pack of the batteries on Amazon for 10 bucks.


I assume the same but wasn’t sure. They do make a power down sound 10 minutes in and do not connect unless button is pressed yet not sure if they are truly “off” or in some kind of “standby”.


Sorry to hear you’re having such a hard time! All 16 of mine are working fine. I’ve never upgraded any firmware on any of the sentinels or bridges. When I’m in Bluetooth range, the iOS app finds them no problem. As far as what exactly the Bridge sharing with the default archivist, my bet is that our data is being added to their blockchain. My origin chain was over 850 last I checked.

As bluetooth devices, it makes sense for them to use a standby mode unless they are actively streaming content or data is pinging the device. It’s been my experience from carrying both types of phones that my iPhone’s bluetooth is much more stable and reliable than my Galaxy.

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That’s good to hear, fairly certain the issues are due to the newer firmware so the fact that you’re not having any issues and you have not upgraded further reinforces this. I’m not sure how long you’ve run the bridge but I have had it a little over a week and I’m only at 14 origin chain so I don’t think it includes our data as it has not increased in 4 or so days although I do have my remaining non-upgraded (working) sentinels running.
I agree phone is slightly more stable yet the difference is negligible. Before I narrowed down the firmware issue I had 2 friends test connectivity and range using different devices. My device is an LG v30 about a year and a half old another friend had a pixel 3 which is a few months old and the other had the new i phone. the I phone stayed connected slightly longer then the 2 androids but only for a few seconds. To test distance we all connected to a different sentinel set side by side and stepped back in unison to see which device stayed connected longer the pixel 3 disconnected first at 26 feet away, the i phone went to 28, my phone went to 31 , yet I noticed it takes processing power to constantly update the connectivity so I believe it is the fact that my phones oldest and has the lowest processing that my phone went the furthest. That is probably due to the fact that my phone simply took longer to refresh the fact that it was disconnected and “searching”. we then switched sentinels and did it again the results were the same give or take a foot or two.
These results were pretty disheartening though, 30 feet isn’t much. Initially, I was hoping a sentinel would cover at least half (150 ft) the max stated range (300ft). At half the max stated range, I would be able to cover a decent area of my neighborhood including a few crossroads. If I had a few sentinels staggered one on one side of my place and the one in the other, one in the car out front and one in the back of the house I would cover just about my whole neighborhood. In reality, my devices don’t even completely cover my apartment and even at the front door, it doesn’t reach my car. Given the short range, I doubt I would connect with any traveling cars and only with a neighbor possibly. My best bet is when driving around yet the car would have to be going the same direction and be just about beside me or maybe a car length or two away. Unless things change I don’t see mining being very productive. As is now someone within a car length of me or a direct neighbor has to have a “lost” device that connects to my device and they have to query the system for that device for me to get a cut, the chances of that are one in a million or more.

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It is pretty much exactly 5 mins that the sentinels with the updated firmware shut off after being powered up.
Man I wish I had not done the firmware update, as they are pretty much useless once they are updated.
Hopefully they release a firmware fix soon.

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What batteries are they using?


CR3032 3V Lithium


I could be totally wrong about this but I have read as much as I could really understand in both the White and Yellow paper. I think you have a misconception about how the XY4 sentinel works. Just because you take it out of range of your bridge, it doesn’t stop recording data points in geo-space. If I read correctly, at some given interval, the device takes a snapshot of its location via all the open bluetooth networks around it. I don’t think it has to pair with a device to get a certain amount of info as it’s attempting a handshake. Plus you have the app on your phone and your devices (key ring, car etc) paired to it, so it’s geolocating constantly (or at constant intervals). The geolocation info is what gets encrypted and uploaded to the archivist once you are back in range of your bridge. If you put one on your cat you are geo-mining, you’re just not creating a large dataset. My guess is that the more unique geodata you can map, the more mining earnings received.

This may also have to do with the length of your origin chain but that is an outright guess on my part. Both of my bridges show an origin chain of 858. They haven’t changed hardly at all in the last few days despite all the recent movement of my sentinels so that pretty much shoots down that theory…

Also I noticed that by default, the software on the bridge is being auto updated. I never bothered to write down the initial version, but my bridges are on v0.1.0-beta.7 right now.

Another thought for you. I noticed that the default Archivist’s IP has a bound port, so I poked a hole in my firewall for it.


From what I gather I agree with alot of what you said. I know the sentinels dont have to “stay” within bridge range , the entire point is to take them out into the world to make contact with others yet they do have to be within range to upload their data as it is now I have to take every device into the same room as the bridge for them to connect with it which is inconvenient. I have one I keep in my car and dont want to take that one in every day or two to upload, I hang up my keys by my front door yet I would have to take them into the same room as the bridge to connect and upload data, I have one I keep in my pack I also leave by the door . So I would have to take my keys my pack and remove the one from my car and bring them all into the room with the bridge to upload their data which is a pain. The sentinels also have to be within connection range to initiate and complete a handshake so even though the device may have some of its own information without the connection the handshake or “witness” doesn’t take place or fails otherwise how would it get the identifying information for the device it connects to, data transfer has to take place…
.side note: I also noticed there was a new “bet” update for the bridge software yet it did not auto update. I assume the bridge may only update stable firmware so if you want to run the beta you probably have to manually update. I have kept an eye on updates and the stable hasn’t changed since at least the beginning of the month yet there is a new beta.


I have not seen any info about the sentinel firmware update that essentially broke them. It appears they pulled the 4.0.60 update, as I had one sentinel I did not update, its now the only one that does not shut itself off after exactly 5 mins. When I run the check for firmware update on the android app I no longer show this device available to update from 4.0.53, where it did show this before. I figure there was probably very few of us who updated firmware, so the problem may not affect many users. I still would appreciate some feedback on when i can expect my sentinels to work again. In a support email I got a reply but they do not seem to get it, they told me if the sentinels do not connect to the android app they already have the latest firmware. So are there any representatives of XY that read this forum ? Was there really only 3 of us who updated our sentinel firmware while the update was available and rendered our sentinels useless ?

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I struggled to update the firmware on my sentinels and am now regretting it as well. They all seem to shut down after 5 minutes. I am currently running the beta and anxiously awaiting any news as I’m under the impression they are pretty much useless right now.

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At this point we need a firmware update that will fix what 4.0.60 broke, or a way to revert back to 4.0.53.

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Yeah, ever tried to keep 16 Tomigotchi’s alive! :open_mouth:


@Yompster @Cryptonymous Hey guys, try this ,I removed the sentinels from the XY find it app and pulled batteries for a while then replaced batteries and re linked with my account. I had 6 non working sentinels and i tried this for all on one it fixed it right away the other it took a few tries and finally fixed the other ones no luck but its better then nothing. Also if you had the same issue on the bridges and app where it wasn’t gaining origin chains I disconnected from network then removed archivist rebooted then reconnected to network and added default archivist and its collecting origin chains again went from only 7 in the chain in three weeks to 25 in the last half a day so it seems to be working again. Not sure if this is a good fix or a permanent one but so far so good worth a shot.

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