Has anyone made a walkthrough?

I have a geomining kit and I have set it up and everything, but I do not know how to make money off of it. I know I have to link it to a wallet, so…how do I do that?

Has anyone created a walkthrough explaining this process?

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@CriteSpranberry So as in making money you are meaning turning your XYO tokens into usable currency (USD, etc). The COIN app deposits your earned XYO to an app based ETH account that is assigned to you by the private key you can see listed when you press your little account picture in the COIN app. As for earning XYO in general, at this time you can only Geomine with or without Sentinels, obviously you get more for having Sentinels. As for the Bound Witness portion, Smart Contracts, Database Query part of it, that will be coming in the future.

As soon as you have 10K tokens in the COIN app, you then will have the ability to withdraw those XYO tokens to a different ETH Wallet such as MetaMask, Ledger, CoinWallet, etc. Its up to you where you want to secure your XYO tokens. I recommend going into the Matrix app on the Web from XYO and using that as your first Wallet, its very easy. If you want something Physical then you can go on Amazon and buy a Physical Crypto Wallet, like a Ledger Nano S or something along those lines.

Once you amass enough XYO or you want to turn that XYO into cold hard cash, you would need to deposit your XYO from your Crypto Wallet onto an exchange such as KuCoin, LAToken, IDEX, where it can be traded for Etherium . Then once you have changed your XYO tokens into Etherium, you will have the opportunity to sell/trade that and deposit that Cash into a liquid cash account like a bank, Paypal, etc.

Is this what your were asking for? Let me know if I can help more.

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