Hardware information

Lack of explanation and set up instructions. No words or mentions of power up/down problems and how to fix that. Lack of info on “paring” the app. Finding information or help is not present. Wish I knew this before…


This has been talked about on geohacker for a while. They did say revently that starting in a few weeks time they will give out instructions with the kits. I wonder if this was due to me pointing out they are leagaly required to sell in certain countries. Hopefully when they do create paper instructions they’ll update the online instructions, which are limited.

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I am trying to figure out how to insert an Micro SD card into the Bridge. One way ir falls into the back and the other way is too tight. Or did it come with one. I had read somewhere that they did not.

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Still waiting for my ocho box to ship. I just got an XY4+ today. Where can I find how to upgrade the firmware so I can use it as a sentinel with the COIN app…I also have the FindIt app on my phone. Thanks!

In the xy find it app select the xy4… click the settings button (that looks like a cog). Then click check for beacon updates.

THANK YOU, GeorgeM. I appreciate it…

I’m pretty sure they all come with an SD card already installed as this is where the bridge software is stored.
At least mine came with one already.

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I went to my dasboard and clicked on setting, can’t see the Network Button. XYO said it may due to my carrier which AT&T, I also have an Andriod phone. Any one get to this point like me?