Geomining rural areas

WE are new to Geomining and are waiting delivery of our kit. Unfortunately we live in a very rural area of the state and the nearest city is forty miles away. Our question is how long will it take to get our kit? Two, Is there a way to know how many other miners are in the area? Three, is there groups that we can confide in our area? Thanks to all.


Did anyone say how long to receive a kit?

Q1 No. Probably not more than a few weeks
Q2 I’m in UK and 40 minutes from nearest city. Only ever see one other miner, my wife. On a 300 mile trip South past many large cities only once spotted 1 other miner. Other miners show on your map in Grey block where they mined.
Q3 This forum good as is Facebook, telegram & Medium

Five weeks. I finally got shipment information on Tuesday.

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