GeoLocation confirmation by journlists to combat fake news

Several times recently, news stories have been discredited after its been discovered that the journalist has not actually been at the scene of the story as they said they had.
E.G. they report on a natural disaster, or a rally or such, but its discovered later that weren’t even there.
If a journalist could prove their tracked XYO beacon had been in a certain location the story would gain credibility.

You might say “How do we know its them holding that beacon”? by tracking the historical location of the beacon, it would add credibility. E.G. The beacon was the press office every day for a week, then back and forth to the journalists home, then off to Haiti for the earthquakes, well, you could be pretty certain it was them. It wouldn’t be 100% as I guess there’s the possibility that the journalist has handed the token to another person who visited the story location, but its credibility goes up a lot.

A “News Verification” App would keep that info and provide a credibility score for the stories location…


Civil is a great project in this space using TCRS, adding location data would be good

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Thanks Graham, just checked on Civil. Just now learning about the power of Crypto.