Geo mining Kit Owners now making less and less OXY Supporting the Network

I own a Geo mining and now there is some new feature on the coin app to pay for mining speed. Why would i have to pay for mining speed when i spent money on a Geo mining kit and now making lees and lees OXY Supporting the Network. this is not only unfair but criminal. I want to know from the community of Geo Mining Kit Owners. If you feel scammed like i do?

Better yet we paid to mine the info for them. Electricity to run the device and network to keep it connected and going plus time to update it or run it

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Geo mining KIT Owners are being scammed, I totally agree with you we should be insensitive on he Bridges we maintain. When i seen the coin app new feature to pay for faster mining speeds was like a slap in the face . Geo mining kit owners should receive the highest mining speed When mining the Coins App. The worst part of it all even if your speed is x3 the money you pay a month $24.99 or even x2 for $12.99 you will not make that money back in XYO in one month of mining on the coins app. I like XYO’s vision but don’t want to be a sucker.