Geo kit and sentinel


Hi all,
Am i right to believe the kit is not functional yet? Iv’e set it up and read a whole heap but am getting conflicting opinions on the state of the ‘origin chain length’. Mine has not moved from 1 ,others have a couple of thousand, i’ve read that the data doesnt mean anything yet? And 1 more question, how the hell do you determine which sentinel is which??


@Nathario Welcome to the XYO family. Correct on your first question. Full operation of the bridge is not online yet, but soon. Second question: On your dashboard you should be able to call up nearby devices. Your bridge will be the first address displayed below that will list all of the sentinels that the bridge can connect to. To the right of the XY4+ or XY4++ you should have an initialize and identify button. Touch the identify button and listen for one of the sentinels to play a series of tones. This will be the bridge pinging the sentinel that you have selected for identification. I have done this in the past and then put a label on the sentinel identified using the last 4 characters of the associated UUID. Hope this helps.


@galanm05 Sorry for the late reply but thank you for yours, the idea to put labels on the sentinels was a beauty!! It was fun trying to work out which one was beeping at the start, but when i identified a few it got easier!! haha… thanks again mate, have a good day.