Full Purpose of Bridge/ Sentinal Interaction

Hey guys received my mining kit have everything hooked up and mining away. However I thought that proximity/updating travel data to the bridge after mining away from the home unit would bring some sort of benefit?
At this point, even when within range of a sentinal I get a range of .3 to 4.3 tokens mined, proximity doesn’t matter. I know that I can utilize the bridge for an origin chain data storage, in the future possibly? But is that it’s only function? Or do I have something set up incorrectly that I’m just not seeing the benefits.

Totally different topic question, is there any benefit to someone else mining YOUR specific device VS you being the one doing the mining?

Thanks in advance, love being into this at the earlier stages still.

I’m certainly no expert, but I’ve read elsewhere on this forum that the Bridge isn’t really doing a lot right now, but at the end of March, it will begin doing the work for which it was designed (gathering data from Sentinels and sending that data to the Archivers). We’re still in the testing stage, and the Geomining that COIN does encourages distribution of the Sentinels. It seems we need to wait just a bit longer for all the components to be doing their work according to the plan.

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Thanks Chris, I had thought we just weren’t seeing the full potential yet. I’m stoked for the possibilities with all this.

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