Fraudulent Representation

Just a heads up. I was contacted thru Telegram after posting on the XYO group chat. This individual fraudulently represented himself as being part of the XYO admin support team. He actually took the last name of one of XYO support team members & of course used a different first name. XYO said they would never call me. Well he called & called when I started asking questions. Watch Out! I transferred right into his wallet. Duped but not for long!


Thanks for the heads up.

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The same thing happened to me in the trust wallet telegram chat!!


Their are some slimy bastard out their, all it does is set the community backwards

Yes I noticed you cant even use Teleagram with out being trolled like crazy by snakes and thieves@GgGeooz

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Telegram sucks!

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Never trust anybody and never give anyone your Private key that anybody ever ask for your private key say funk off

That really blows sorry for your scammed caller…