Find it app or sentinals not working


Only sentinal doing anything on the find it app is my personal one.the rest havent left my house even tho one is in my po my ol lady keeps with here,one in louisiana and 2 in ohio… all have been updated…

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@Lightningstruck Do you have the GPS Sentinels or the XY4+ Sentinels? If its just the XY4+ ones, than the one in the PO Box, the ones in other states or out of BT range are not going to do anything but occupy spacetime in this thing we call the universe. They will eventually be able to crowdsource locate them when XY gets super popular with every human as is it will one day. If you have the GPS one, they should be pinging and giving you a location as long as your data plan is up to date from XYO or whoever they are using for their GPS service.

ReconCatLord :telescope::cat2::crown:


I was able to track them all before last update.

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