Elderly people or infimed people

Continuing the discussion from Law enforcement, multiple uses: What if hospitals and rest homes could tag and track all their patients so that if they, the patients, should somehow wander off, those responsible could easily find them and bring them back to safety. The same could be done for kids. Parents do you know where your children are?


This would be a wonderful use for elderly people with medical issues such as Dimensia and Alzheimer’s!! A micro-tracker could be implanted into the patient, if there are to be no side effects on said patient. I’m sure this would bring much needed ease-of-mind to the children of ill-gotten parents or grandparents.


This has long been one of the most popular requests we’ve had for XY Finders. When someone brings up a possible use case, this is invariably one of the most popular suggestions. For me, this use case would bring years of hopes and requests to fruition.

It would really be amazing if we wind up being able to help people this way. Nothing would make me happier or make all the hard work we’ve done for this company more fulfilling.

XYO has many high hopes, some of them quite literal when you consider that we’re planning to launch a satellite, but a project like this is at its best when it’s grounded in humanity.