Do you gain any XYO coins being a Deviner?

I would like to know if you gain any XYO coins being a Deviner. If yes, what is the rates gains like compared to a sentinel alone, a bridge alone, and a Archivist alone?

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Sorry nobody has seen fit to acknowledge your questions @mrjeffreygee! I haven’t been around much lately but really, was there no one who could say something? Very poor forum etiquette.

This answer will work for the other two questions you posted concerning earnings. Many of us have read through, or at least attempted to read through all the white—>black papers the dev team has put out in an effort to understand how the system will compensate us. The technobabble gets so deep in some of these papers, that I for one get totally lost.
There doesn’t seem to be any consensus on what the rewards will be like. The idea of how the network interacts is easy to understand, how much we will be paid, and for what service to the network, be it Deviner, Archivist, Bridge or Sentinel seems to be dependent on a lot of different factors.

We are all waiting patiently to figure it out. They are still building the Network so it might be a while before we get answers to many questions.

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Hi :wave: @mrjeffreygee
That’s a good question!
I pretty sure I’m right in saying No! Diviner’s do not get paid any XYO. Diviner’s are the ones that Pay to ‘ask the Oracle Network a question’.
You spend XYO to ask a question and that XYO is distributed between the owner or owners of the Sentinel, Bridge and Archivist that have provided the data which is used to answer the question being asked.

In short, if you want to Earn XYO, you need to be owning (ie. registered to your account on the Matrix) and operating any or all of the following…

Right now the easiest way to earn XYO is with a Sentinel and the COIN APP.

A bridge can be set up on your phone :calling: using the XYO NETWORK APP or alternatively a Raspberry Pi micro computer and the Bridge OS flashed onto an SD card.

An Archivist is currently very hard to set up and I have not yet managed to do this. Way above my technical abilities but I’m hoping they will make it easier soon.

Hope this helps make things clearer. Please ask for clarification if not.

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Best guess - yes. Though I haven’t seen hard numbers on this, probably due to them not developing this capability and testing it enough yet.

BUT, they do say this (Page 6 of the White Paper)

"Diviner Returns Result to Query Initiator

Diviners package the answer, its Origin Chain Score, and its set of digital sig-
natures and send them to an adapter component that securely connects to the
XYO smart contract. The adapter is in charge of making sure the integrity of the
Diviner has not been compromised and sends the set of digitally signed answers
to the smart contract. This happens right after the block creation process. The
coinbase Diviner is then paid for its efforts."

Additionally, the next paragraph says

" The components along the Proof of Origin Chain get paid for their involvement
in fetching the answer to the query. Sentinels, Bridges, Archivists, and Diviners
are all rewarded for their work"


The only way to earn coin is the COIN app, with the rate increased by having a sentinel. Nothing else earns coin.

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They have made many many false statements based on what they PLAN to develop, but they haven’t developed it yet, so it’s all just hype. We’re not supposed to notice that nothing works as claimed. At least the COIN app used to work and there’s some entertainment value there, but yesterday my app wouldn’t connect to the sentinels while I was driving, and I was in an area where the mining was really good, but I only got the chump change because of being disconnected from the sentinels. Another problem that suddenly appears that is somehow something that we’re doing wrong, not an issue with the products themselves. It’s insulting and tiring.

I get the pessimism, but in this case the network literally requires some payment of each link in the node in order to function. Just like you have to pay in gas for any transaction on the etherium network.

I have never seen a statement from the XYO team that suggests Diviner’s earn XYO.

If you read the original whitepaper it is clear that Diviner’s PAY XYO to have questions answered.

Sentinels, Bridges & Archivists each take a share of what diviner’s pay of the data they provide is used in answering the question asked.

As for false claims this is not true, the XYO network is a work in progress new technology and those parts of the network are still being developed.

Be patient.

And XYO official account has explicitly said on Reddit that right now all that pays is the COIN app. Presumably other things will be in the funnel at some time if the plan keep progressing, but not now.

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