Do my sentinels need to be near my phone


Can I place sentinels all over the place and mine XYO Tokens? If I have all of my sentinels with me will I be able to mine more tokens? I am super frustrated as well about how few tokens i receive I literally had my phone going all day from 630 am until 10 pm at night and I drive all day am a sales rep and I only accumulated 1500 tokens. When I purchased the kit the top earner was at 40,000 tokens for the week how do I get anywhere near that many? It seems impossible.


Hi :wave:
I understand your frustration, a lot of this seems to be a mystery right now.
I myself have been experimenting to try to figure it all out.
• You need at least 1 sentinel within 10 metres of your phone :iphone: or your earnings will be 10x lower.
• I carry two sentinels with me at all time in case one stops working.

As for the rest of your sentinels I’m not sure anyone knows right know what to do with them in terms of mining :pick: more coin but I have placed mine around the house :house_with_garden: and one in my car :blue_car:. I have a feeling more info will be given out by the company as time goes on so we’ll just have to wait and see.


Also the app only mines when it is open on the screen :tv:
If you take a call or check messages then mining :pick: is paused.
To resolve this you can use a second device but make sure to set up a new account. Do not use the same account on more than one device or the company may restrict your account.


Thank you!

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I gave 3 to family and friends.
One on my dog and one near tablet with the rest placed 50 feet from each along my fence to my back yard so they theoretically relay to each other all the way to such tablet running COIN and XY Network app.

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@KaptKos correct me if I’m wrong but the sentinels communicate via Bluetooth, Bluetooth has a 10m range, 50ft = 15m.
I’m not sure the sentinels you have placed on your fence can see each other.
Even if they could I’m not sure they ‘relay’ data as you suggest. As far as my layman understanding goes they just ‘handshake’ when they see each other and download that interaction data to a bridge device whenever one is in range. The bridge then uploads that data to an archivist via an internet connection.
Can any one else confirm or correct this?


Actually; lebt devices can reach the length of a football field (100 yards) but very low connectivity so I keep them closer than that and they do connect.

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I was under the impression that you can link your sentinels with your phone, then give them to family members to carry around, then when they come back near your smartphone at the end of the day the squares it had mined will load into your phone. Am I wrong? I thought it would have to be linked with the XYO Network app to achieve this, but I can’t add a sentinel to that app, keeps saying “firmware coming soon”. So, I’m a bit confused right now.

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@Rev_Zareh - if you are on Android the app isn’t working yet. If you are on IOS it does work as long as the sentinels are within range and they are the ones you have assigned to your app. :grin:


Thank you so much.

Would you be able to clarify a bit. When it works, I will be able to leave the XYO Network app run on a smartphone at home that has been linked with the sentinel, then go to work with just the sentinel, later go home and all that data will sync to the phone that was sitting at home? (if that makes sense lol) :grinning:

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That’s not how it works. You can only mine tokens with sentinels that are in range of your ap. You cannot mine tokens outside the range of your phone, you can keep it running all day at home and it will mine tokens


@Rev_Zareh - XYO Network App doesn’t need to run while your sentinels aren’t in range. I take my 2 of my sentinels with me wherever I go. At the end of the day you should log on to the XYO Network App (sentinels nearby) and then the app will load all your bound witness. I hope this helps. :grin:

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Hi, a total newbe here. I have 1 sentinel and I finally got it connected to the coin app. One thing I have noticed is that the app is a huge battery pig. I keep my phone by me desk, plugged into the charger and it draws faster than the charge.
Also, can I take an old android phone, connect it to the internet and use it?


What I did to conserve battery is turn my brightness way down and closed all other apps. It does make a bit of difference. You can use an old phone with internet access. Be sure you don’t use same login as your main phone. Running both phones with same login at same time is considered spoofing. :grin:

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I will have to dig up my old phone and give it a try. For now I leave it on the charger here at work and let it run.


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Thank you so much!

I’ve other quick question. I had my sentinel looked to the coin app last night for a while. However, now it disconnected from my sentinel and will not reconnect. I’ve tried taking the battery out of the sentinel for over 10 secs. I know the sentinel is in because it’s showing up visible in my Bluetooth. Any thoughts?


When my sentinels weren’t connecting I turned my Bluetooth off (from phone) for a few seconds then turned back on. Hope that works for you too.


Thank you so much! I did turn off the Bluetooth and removed the battery from the sentinel, but that didn’t seem to work. Eventually I restarted my device and it started to connect again lol