Direct transfer to hardware wallet

hey, still learning and starting off, can you transfer directly from coin app to an external wallet or have to go through MM?

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Hi Xander, good to have you here :+1:
Yes you can withdraw direct to an external wallet. When you select the option in the coin app it will trigger an email :e-mail: to you with a link. Click the link and login with the same credentials as your coin app and the you can give input the Ethereum address for your wallet. There is no withdrawal fee but it may take a day or two to show up.

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Are you now the official XYO greeter and support person for this group, like Recon used to be?

If you are a careless typist, you might not want to try transferring anything. If you make a typo you will lose it all. Just noting your creative spelling of the word “transfer”. Sometimes our fingers slip and the Coins never make the trip, and there goes the $5.00 you made in 6 months!! If you’re lucky.

Just trying to being friendly and helpful, do you have an issue with that?

Katie is assuming that you’re dumb enough to not know about a little computer secret called ‘Copy & Paste’.
If you have any questions at all please ask, there are loads of helpful people on this forum that will help you.

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Nope, just curious if people make deals with XYO Gods to do their servile work for free, since that seems to have been their tech support program. Since the original official very nice volunteers who spent months trying to learn and teach the technology that never was have gone without so much as a farewell, I was wondering if they were trying to replenish the ranks to support the new game, since they are so focused on making that fun and enjoyable enough that people keep sending them money for it… They seem to have abandoned this group, so it’s nice of you to contribute to their cause. I hear they are really broke and worried about starvation, but pioneers like them always suffer a lot for the products and services they believe in so passionately, so it’s nice of you to help lift their burden. I feel the same way, I like to help them out by sharing information as I receive it too. For some reason I do get the impression that you might have an issue with that!

We are all here for our own reasons. As I have mentioned in other posts, i have a bit of a tech background and have gathered XYO info I am willing to share.

Yes, this is a group project that will require thousands of people to develop the geo mesh network that is the real technology with promise. As Pinballdreamer notes, working together is how we advance this objective. I also posted how IBM sees potential in this market niche. Worth a read if you have not seen it.

One metric I will be tracking going forward is the number of cryptographic bound witnesses (CBW) that are being logged in the XYO network app on our phones. I started keeping track on July 1 when the total was 13,506,000. Today the total has reached 15,088,000. This is the kind of growth needed to provide a data ocean to verify use cases. If this growth trend in CBWs continues and XYO can provide an updated Matrix map this month, then I will consider July a productive month. I will provide a CBW chart on August 1.

My position is that XYO has the rest of the year to make positive advances with both the Coin App and XYO Network. We have a handy metric, XYO token price which is everyone’s payoff, that will gauge how well things are going. We will assess XYO’s viability at that point. Meanwhile, we have work to do.


In the process of doing your research, have you identified any employees at XYO who have the technical skills to develop this alleged network? Who is on the development team, and what are their backgrounds? Have you ever built a development team? I have. No one ever mentions the development team. I never heard of any tech project that didn’t start out with a development team of people with the required skills to get the project completed. Does XYO have a development team? If so, they forgot to add tech support to their specs.

Quick research project for you Katie - here is the team page with a link to the tech group:
Note that the lead android tech is gone along with Larry Smalheiser who previously posted in this forum.

The talent mix seems consistent with an agile development team. The devs have reasonable resumes with code, analytics and hardware all included. Other talent can be added as the project returns to growth. Best-case scenario of course.

The tech support problem is tied to the initial strategy of explosive growth. Look at the Telegram website and see the crush of issues/requests from a global community. With the retrenchment, handling this flood of requests falls on just a few people. And yes, a week before an automated email is not acceptable. Reply on receipt is industry standard and should be adopted.

Let us know you take on the tech team.