Devices Overheating 🥵


Since the Automining :pick: update I have experienced overheating :hot_face: problems on 2 different devices.
Has anyone else had this issue?
I have an iPhone 5S and and iPhone X both running iOS 12.x


yes my cell is very hot too, and I find I have to keep it charging which only increases the heat problem.
I’ve stopped mining altogether till the devs. fix it. It is basically a waste of time now, and only sends .1 xyo.

If the purpose of the airdrops is to get all the xyo into circulation, eventually driving up price, … it’s not working . it’ll just take too long now and is mathematically undoable, not to mention a tremendously hot phone is dangerous and could explode. So not worth it.

This and other issues is why I think the price of each token has been decreasing, not vice versa.

I bought tokens on an exchange a while ago. My investment has gone down 40%

It is still a young company and fairly new concept, for this I don’t see much of a plus in buying tokens at this point. And obviously others feel the same way also, the price reflects this.


Hi Wes :wave:

It’s is sad to hear you so disheartened but stick with it a while longer. This is a long term project and only a year old, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I believe you will seem new developments and increased value fairly soon just have faith.

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