Deposit XYO from COIN app to MetaMask?

Can I withdraw directly from COIN app to MetaMask or do I have to make a conversion somehow to ETH first?

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No you can withdraw directly to MetaMask, I have done just that. It is the same address as your ETH, but you need to add the contract number for XYO for it to show:

Look under Profile Summary to the right. Once the contract number is there, MetaMask should pull the decimal and symbol.

I have also withdrawn directly to my Ledger Nano S hardware device using MetaMask to view it. Works fine.


Hate to sound noobie-ish but can you go through the steps? I can pull up Meta Mask by itself, and I can click on your supplied link to have Etherscan load up with the contract number loaded but what do I have to do from the COIN end and from the Etherscan end and the Meta Mask end? Maybe I just need another Mountain Dew. Thanks for your help.


No worries, this stuff isn’t very intuitive… So from MetaMask, do you see XYO added with a zero balance now (it will be under your ETH amount)? If so you’re set from MetaMask (actually you don’t even have to do this first… if you already transferred some XYO, it would show your balance once loaded).

From COIN you don’t have to do anything other than click the “withdraw” button, you’ll get an email asking you to log in to the COIN web app online to complete the transaction. You only have one ETH address with MetaMask and that is all you need, your ERC20 tokens (like XYO) will piggyback off that address. Supply that address and wait. Once processed, the XYO shows up pretty quickly.

You don’t do anything from the Etherscan end other than look at the transaction. Look up your wallet (ETH address) and you’ll see all ETH transactions. Click the ERC20 tab to see the piggyback transactions.

If you have any other ERC20 tokens or even some ETH (like on an exchange wallet or another wallet) I recommend transferring a small amount if you can do so cost-effectively so you feel comfortable with the process. Remember you will need a small amount of ETH to send from wallet to wallet (XYO Network pays this with COIN, so you don’t need to worry about that). The amount you need is very small, a couple pennies but I learned after the first transaction to keep a small amount of ETH in my wallet.

Also big warning… when I transferred about 100k of XYO from MetaMask to my hardware wallet, the default “gas” was something like $10 USD (in ETH)… this totally threw me for a loop. I think it saw it as 100k ETH (yeah I wish… maybe $10 for 100k of ETH is reasonable, not for $250 of XYO!) so I had to play with the gas to get the numbers down to a couple pennies again. It transferred fine. You don’t have to worry about this if you are just storing in your MetaMask wallet but you might run into it when transferring. Let us know how it goes.


@_ryan I’m going to try it this weekend. If I get stuck I’ll stop and let you know how far I got before I was stumped. Hopefully not. Hey, back in Mar. I talked about a way to power the sentinels from USB?USB This is the first version. It was able to take a 4++ update powered this way also. I’m going to clean it up and then post it for the community. Still have to fully vet. But so far so good. Note: I ran it directly @ 5Vdc thru USB and it got a little flaky. 3.3V seems to work solid.USB%20INNERDS. Thought you’d appreciate this.


Also I found that by making my sentinels 2-color it’s easier to tell them apart when you have more than 8. 64 color combinations.:grin:

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Seriously impressive… :+1:

Awesome where can I make a purchase

Dam that’s a lot

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I don’t have 64 but I do have 8 that came with each of my 2 bridges and 8 more coming with my dataist kit. I don’t think I’ll ever have all 64.:grin:

I’m going to clean up the next one for construction information and then I’ll put together an instruction set or maybe partially construct some and let the community members just connect two wires to their circuit board. Or create a daughter PCB that would plug into the main board.
In order for it to be used with a battery OR USB, the case would have to be a little bit taller. Maybe I’ll work on that next. 3d print a slightly taller top of the case…?..

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@_ryan, I’ve tried to deposit a few times to MetaMask and it never goes through. I’ve followed your instruction and got XYO added to MetaMask and I get an address but even though it looks like it takes, I never get a deposit and the XYO never leaves my coin app.???

@galanm05 I think we’re confusing each other a bit. Assuming you have over 10,000 XYO in COIN (the minimum to withdraw), you click the amount in the top and then “Withdraw”. This results in you getting an email from XYO with a link to their COIN app withdrawal page. Once you log in to that site (same email and password as COIN), you provide the ETH address from MetaMask (make sure you’re on the Main Ethereum Network and in your primary MM wallet - I think I renamed my Main… just hover on the address and copy to clipboard):


Be care and verify your address (paste into a plain text document reader, like Notepad on Windows… don’t use Word or other fancy word processing software). Once satisfied, copy that address again from the plain text reader and provide it to the COIN withdrawal app and submit to XYO support. They will be the ones that do the deposit to your wallet, it’s not automated from COIN. That’s it… it should show up pretty much right when you get the confirmation email from XYO that they complete the transaction. I’ve had this happen as quickly as 9 minutes to as long as 6 hours depending on XYO support and what they have on their plate. You’ll get a transaction ID that you can look up or you can look up your wallet and see the movement. Be sure to change to the Erc20 Token Tnxs tab on

Now, if you are talking about transferring from another wallet to MM (like from an exchange wallet), you provide the same address but may need to to have a very small amount of ETH to pay for gas (pennies). This is dependent on the exchange, KuCoin charges a small amount of XYO as the fee so you don’t need ETH but some other exchanges require ETH. If you are transferring from two wallets you own (like MEW to MM, or MM to a ledger nano s, etc.) you definitely will need a small amount of ETH to pay for gas (the transaction fee). This transfer fee should never be more than a few pennies, pay attention! The first time I transferred about 100k of XYO, the default transfer fee in MM was like $10 USD (in ETH of course) or something… I think it assumed it was ETH I was transferring in such a large amount, so I had to manually modify the gas to get it to a couple pennies. That’s also why my MM wallet has that $1.50 in ETH, I just keep a small amount in my commonly used wallets to have it ready should I need it.

So please clarify what you are trying to do and let me know if the above helps you get it done. Good luck.


That would be sweet

@_ryan I Opened my MM account, switched to Main Network( for some reason I had it in my head that we had to be on the Kovan), added the xyo address to add xyo to my account (shows 0 tokens) I think all that was correct. Then I copied the address that was presented under my account name with the 0 XYO bar highlighted (under the ETH bar) and entered that in the address bar, verifying every character.

It shows up just like all the deposits I have made to KuCoin without a problem. I just updated it again for this conversation. Any thoughts?

@galanm05 so you got your COIN withdraw in your MM wallet and all is good now? I’m not sure what you’re asking. I would check, but you blocked out your wallet address. Your public address isn’t really something you need to protect, btw… maybe a privacy issue if you’re concerned about that, but not something I’m really concerned about myself in this case… see? here’s mine:


You can look up my transactions on

Other than that, not much you can do with my public address except give me some ETH, XYO or any other ERC-20 token you want to… so if so inclined, go nuts! :smile:

In fact, you’ll even see a shit token called Belance (symbol ERC20) I got air-dropped out of the blue to this address middle of April… if you don’t check your wallet on etherscan every once in a while, you’ll never know what crap someone sent to it… :roll_eyes:


Yay! It went through. I think I was trying to send my real tokens to the test wallet that was set up on kovan for practice. Silly me. Thanks Ryan.

@galanm05 cool… yeah, it sounded like that was maybe what you were doing. Glad it worked out and glad your tokens didn’t go poof.