Deposit directly from COIN app to KuCoin


I don’t know if anyone has done this but I would think one could make a deposit directly into KuCoin from the COIN app.? The next time I get to 10000 I will try it and let you know.


Please do!


They would need your wallet addreß so unless im wrong, no.


I have an Ether Wallet and address so I should be able to enter that into the withdraw to: section on the COIN app. I’m thinking.


Eventualy yes, but for right now youll get an email with a link in it asking for the address.

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I’ll try also if I ever get to 10k
My first three weeks and I’m approaching 500 (yes, five hundred in three Fucking weeks).

Almost enough for a pint of beer.


it should work no prob

On Kucoin simply deposit into your Ether wallet


Thanks. I have been able to make 3 deposits directly into KuCoin.

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good stuff! :smiley: glad it works! Any ether wallet will work i think.
I like Kucoin as you can deposit a wide range of crypto.

A few months ago i discovered MHC (metahash) It’s a super fast pipe (blockchain) that developers can use. I’m in both projects for the long haul as I see massive potential in both! Maybe they will one day work together? :smiley:


Have it running while you sleep and collect some every night.


if you do that your phone could be gone by the time you wake up

the CPU will get too hot and the heat will transfer to the battery and the battery will explode (leak)

I’m not a big believer in using a phone in this

Also I dk if Bluetooth is a good thing, after all who has it “on!? I only turn it on during a file transfer then in goes " off”

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I have been using 2 iOS Phones 24/7 for the last 3 weeks and neither of them has overheated or suffered any issues, in the past I have had overheating problems (not whilst running Coin App) but I narrowed it down to using a cheapo charger. Use a Good Quality Charger and Good Quality cable!


Also @wes if you are not having Bluetooth ON all the time, how is your device detecting your sentinels? without Bluetooth on your Coin rewards will be at least 10X lower.

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it’s not haha
the sentinel i ordered a month ago is still in the mail somewhere between the UK and here

Hopefully the sentinel (xy4) will work and allow 12x more coin, bit from what I’ve read on these posts the mining rate has dropped right down since the automine feature was added…

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DUDE… You need a sentinel!
If any one on the forum does not have a sentinel GET ONE NOW!!! or go home, it’s pointless without one.


@jdfrey3715 @wes @pinballdreamer If your going to have it running through the night I recommend a couple things because after like a month or two of having your screen on all the time, you will get some form of burn in with the newer AMOLED screens, which has happened to me on a Galaxy S7Edge that I kept screen on in Line app. You wont have to worry about overheating unless you have rooted and are overclocking or running a custom kernel that messed with the governor. If your going to keep it going all night turn your screen brightness all the way down and turn off the auto brightness, as it will increase your screen brightness as it sits in the dark. Plus turning off auto brightness on iPhones, Motos, and HTC allows the screen to go one level darker. Second I would even look into getting an Overlay app, something that has permissions to appear/draw on top of the COIN app, and have some type of graphical overlay sweep over the screen. The second tip is maybe a little overkill, but when you have a couple of devices that cost like $1k to $1.5K like my Note 9 and my iPhone XS Max, the last thing I want to do is burn those screens lol, cause once that happens, it can only be replaced to fix. Any app that says it can fix screen burn in is a lie, all it does is flash multiple palettes of colors on the screen for hours, which damages the rest of the screen and lowers the color saturation so you can’t see the original burn in as easy lol. @wes Hope you get your Sentinel soon, it makes a huge difference.

ReconCatLord :telescope::cat2::crown:


I would turn down the display to minimal. That should save on battery and overheating.

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@ReconCatLord All good advice :+1:

Full discosure…
I am currently running 2 devices, an iPhone 5s :iphone:and an iPhone X :iphone:

The iPhone X is my personal phone, the iPhone 5s I purchased specifically to run Coin on. It cost me £80 2 weeks ago and I have a 2GB data sim for £7.50 which should last out the month.

Using both phones 24/7 for 7 days I have collected 28,000 XYO or approximately £52 GBP

I have 2 accounts and will send Coin from both accounts directly to a single Metamask wallet.

I should break even on my investment after 2 weeks and then I’ll be in profit so to speak but tbh I will probably geomine and hold onto as much XYO as possible until the price rises to at least £0.01, I do not think that is impossible and lets say I have 100,000 XYO, that would be £1,000 GBP :pound:, Not bad for a sub £100 investment.

I also have an XY Bridge and am really looking forward to the update next week and really hope the future provides more opportunities to make more money.

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@pinballdreamer Wow that is excellent 28K in 7 days, I been doing this for like a month and have gotten 36K on one device. You definitely are doing awesome and yes I was thinking the same thing, If I have say 200k or 300K and XYO goes to like ten cents or…imagine just $1.00, holy crap my meager investment into a mining kit turns into $300K!! And I am starting to think even further future, like when BitCoin and Etherium both started and how they were Pioneering a blockchain tech. It’s not far fetched at all to think that XYO could see maybe $5 or $10 dollar valuation maybe 5 years from now. I am setting up a second account now so I can earn more and mailing two Sentinels to my parents so they may partake in this. Just think of how the people who got in on the absolute ground floor of BitCoin felt, or People who bought Apple Stock back in 1987. And just look at the news recently, look at the Lyft drivers who got in at the ground floor and were driving since the begining and took the stock option gift…this past Friday I am sure they were very happy when a single share rocketed to over $80 and market valuation was over $24 Billion. I purchased another 40K tokens couple months back when XYO had its ICO, so I am getting close to my first 100K. Gonna just keep grinding, I am so excited for the bound witness part of it, just another way to get rewarded and to make this dream come to reality.

ReconCatLord :telescope::cat2::crown:

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Yep that’s the dream but I’m trying to stay grounded and realistic whilst leaving room for the incredible.
It’ll take dedication and patience.

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