Denver Area XYO HODLers?!

Any XYO folks in the Denver area?


Yes!! I didnt think anyone in Colorado or Kansas were on board yet!!

I’m another Denver XYO Holder here

I can try to coordinate a gathering if you guys would like? Can you email me at - might be easier? And let me know whereabouts you are - I’m in Castle Rock, south of Denver.



Let’s get a Denver gathering put together I’ve been super busy with my own start up and couldn’t make it out to the west coast for any events yet. But I will be avalible for sure to go to any event held between kansas city Missouri and denver colorado let’s do this! And check out my site we deliver and will offer any XYO holder a 10% discount off of what is and has become the best CBD you can get and at half the price of our competitors. We like XY know that people are being swindled for a product that is inferior to that of there’s for something that is truly needed! As always keep up the good work XY and XYO team your doing great!

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Any one North of Denver?

Newbie here, Sentinel should arrive Tuesday and Mining Kit should arrive in a couple weeks. I live off of 120th and work in the Tech Center so anywhere in the Greater Denver Area works for me!

Nice…I’ve handed out 5 sentinals to friend’s. Only see sharing puzzle piece in Longmont.I’ve had a rig and been sentinal minning for 3 months. Ill try to help with any questions I can.@DropinDeuces

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Awesome and thank you @Lotusway!
I’m sure I will have more questions once I get my kit.

I’ll be mining 470 in Lone Tree.

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I’m if you’d like to set up a chat on all things XYO? I’m in Castle Rock and work up in Lone Tree.


5 hours from Denver; mid Nebraska.