Deleting and re-installing COIN

I combed through some searches and posts and did not see this topic. Please forgive me if I missed it somewhere. Anyway my phone does not have a lot of memory with the other apps I already have. For updates I have to delete pics etc. from my phone to free up enough memory. I’m curious if you delete COIN and re-install it with only the latest version, once you log in, will all of the earned XYO and data still be there?

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Short answer is yes as long as you login with same account.
There are new versions of COIN regularly. Does your phone have SD card memory expansion ?

SD cards are very cheap now.


I’ve actually had to do this a few times for reasons outside of COIN and when I logged back in all was there.


My phone does have an SD card. Some apps won’t redirect to the card, but I’ll give it a try with COIN. Good Idea, thank you.