Delay in Mining Leaderboards?

I think the leaderboard may be behind a little. I have mined about 82k… that would make me 3rd correct?


What wallet do you use?

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Trust Wallet, then move to hardware wallet.

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Where is this leader board posted?

Its posted sometimes on Telegrsm or in an email from mike stenger

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President Trump would call that “FAKE NEWS”!!!

Been thinking the same thing!

Your transfer list looks like you are mining over 10K a DAY?

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I travel 400-600 miles a day, I was getting over 10k a day before auto collect. Now I run 2 devices to get about 8k a day. I believe i am around 220k total at this point.



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I call Bullshit!

There is no way anyone made 400k or
84K In the first couple weeks!!!

I just road tripped to Omaha from Grand Island Nebraska with mining all the way there and back and only earned 2600+ coins.

It was BS, likely the person who made the 400k was using GPS spoofing and got booted.

Yay for booting cheaters!

Before the automining update, i was able to mine approx 1000coin over a 90min period whilst my partner drove. It would “mine” 4 - 5 each time with 12 x from sentinal.

However since it has been very sloooow.

Yesterday about 80mins driving produced a little over 300. So significantly less.

I do hope the fix it with the new update. If it is to small a reward each time, people won’t regularly use it,“like me atm”.

People need to get excited and feel they are achieving something in a timely manner not .

It’s not “free” as such as you need to consider fuel/ transport, phone data usage, reasonably high phone power usage during operation , and time.

All these elements add up so the reward vs cost need to be beneficial they people will get excited and share the word faster .

Xyo need more public exposure to grow the geo networks , however their needs to be people using the Network asking the smart contract questions on location for a sustainable full circle.

Lots of work ahead, exciting very exciting times ahead. .

@KaptKos I believe the guy owns a trucking company and has his drivers doing it…

I don’t buy it! It’s in BETA

I find this thread absolutely hilarious.

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