Defibrillator save lives

Defibrillators costing £1000_£1500
save lifes and are popping up in busy public places (usually tucked away in a safe corner) but most people don’t know where they are. Maybe fitting them with a sentinels with phone app would allow anyone to locate the nearest one in a medical emergency. Ensure all medical professionals have this app on their phone.


We’ve had conversations with companies that provide this in the past - great idea!

If you’re posting this as part of the dApp Quest giveaway, it needs to be posted in the contest thread to be considered.

Hi Johny

Thanks for your reply, but I live in UK and your competition states it’s only open to US residents.

Maybe I’ll post it there anyway but just really like to see this implemented, not after any reward


George Bowlt

P.s. Can’t afford the flight to spacial anyway, but the million tokens would have been nice.