Debunked: XYO Device Replacing GPS, Saving $2 Million a Day


Hi @JPWALLACE Thanks for bringing this article to our attention, we’re always really interested in what is being written about XYO and circulating on the interweb.

We plan on writing a followup response article to this one — for the time being it’s important to note that the writer of this article focuses “on investigating and explaining conspiracy theories such as Chemtrails, 9/11, False Flags. Also covers more esoteric topics such as UFO’s, pseudoscience, Flat Earth, photo analysis, and quackery.” --per his own website.

Either way we welcome constructive dialogue on all things XYO! :smiley:


Yeah, he’s a debunker… so that’s his angle, and from reading his article (I wish I could have that 20 mins back), his main gripe is the number of adds he’s seeing on web pages… So, I take my hat off to the marketing team and “Project Everywhere”. They are clearly doing a great job.


This guy needs to get a job with the super sluths at Snopes😂


Let me save u guys some time
1.seen too much ads
2.photostock image used bit the same.xy +4
3.big ambitions

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Thanks Mike… Alot of uncertainties and fud is going on in the market… Im in this for a long hold… And let xyo playing this thing out and walk its path…

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I too am getting bombarded with the XYO Banner!! I LOVE it seeing how you must be spending your budget on advertising which is always needed!!
Hopeful of great things!!


‘Operation Everywhere’ in full effect! People can’t be part of the future of location if they don’t know of us. :grin::wink:

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Any news on a referal link?

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