Dataist Black Box


How do you guys feel about this new Dataist Black Box…? Thoughts?

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Not that impressed. Seems geared to a crypto neophyte with the white glove treatment, etc., but I’m not sure how they expect that user to pay with crypto. I bet the majority that sold today did so by credit card. Several users were having issues buying and I suspect their credit card was being denied. When I bought the mining kit, I was initially denied by one credit card (afraid of crypto?) just getting a generic “error” back from the XYO site. I switched to another card and it went through, but I did get a “fraud alert” to my phone asking if I made the purchase. Shortly after that I got a bunch of emails from my first denied card asking if I had attempted the purchase they denied.

To be honest, the price is too much for my blood, even if I didn’t already have a mining kit. The swag would be cool to have but it pretty unimportant. I don’t think I would take advantage of the trip to SD to “go to crypto school” and I’m only a hundred miles from there. It would be awesome, don’t get me wrong, but I doubt I’d be able to find the time (and the permission from the wife) to go play down in SD.

Overall, pretty underwhelming “box” in my opinion. However, the two things I think I’m looking forward to the most is the ODBII bridge connector (Motovus) and the reworked sentinel. The XYOPhone I think is a pipe dream and they should stay away. I stayed the entire time for all three sessions and overall I’m pretty impressed with the direction and commitment of Scott and company. I’m working my way through setting up an Archivist and Diviner now (via a virtual machine) just to work through the process. Going to be interesting to see where XYO goes in 2019 and beyond.


I think it kick ass…I wish I get one sooner.:unamused:


I agree, I already own a couple mining kits and even some swag from investing. I would absolutely love to take a trip to SD for quite a few of the events they hold but it would be difficult for me as I have a wife and a daughter and work full time just to name a couple commitments.

I didn’t get to watch all of the live streams but I was able to record them and I’m hoping to squeeze in some watch time here and there. I have all my faith in XYO I think they’re on to something huge and are doing an amazing job staying persistent and moving forward. It just made me feel some type of way when I learned about yet another pricey package to wrap up all the news and excitement…

I definitely want to dive into this stuff. I wonder if this is worth the money considering I already have a lot of the stuff that’s included. I do appreciate the money back guarantee and I’m hoping the information/courses they provide are in depth and worth it


Yeah, if I were single I’d probably be all over the black box just for the hell of it (and probably in a bunch of other stuff and broke by now). But like you: wife, two really young kids, full time job, other financial commitments, etc… Just not in the cards for what it is. I really debated the mining kit itself but finally did pull the trigger once I started using COIN and really looking into the XYO company. I bought stock back in 2016 when they were XY @ $1/share but was mostly looking at that pivot with a jaded eye (who WASN’T planning an ICO in 2017?). But I have to say, it has been a fun ride so far and I’m learning a lot.

I probably will join the community $10/month thing, at least for a bit. Everybody needs a hobby.


I begin to wonder whether the XYO guys aren’t playing around a bit too much in the sandbox with these highpriced “once only” offers, and whether the result may be to diminish the seriousness of the image needed to leap into viral acceptance by commerce and industry. Perhaps they are secretly spending time networking with commerce and industry, but the way a recent “partnership” with MS was PR’d the emphasis was on hyping up Gates more than giving substance to how a paid for service means partnership. Hmmm. Not generating confidence around here.


I’ll see what the mining kit does for my wallet before i say yay or nay… as of now the bridge isn’t even working so I’m sure not investing more till I can see some sort of r.o.i.

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It is refundable - if that “master class” is not worth $5k - i will absolutely be asking for one. i bought with bitcoin and I will demand i get bitcoin back

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it is indeed an odd approach.

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Let us know what you think when you get your box!

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mitchie, I’m curious if you don’t mind sharing… the black box cost on 3/22 would have been roughly 0.37 BTC. Did you have the BTC available or did you have to go purchase it? If you already had it, what did the black box actually end up costing you? Did you buy that particular 0.37 BTC when BTC was $100 or $10,000?

In any case, good for you actually purchasing something with crypto. Not many people would do that today (and that’s what is wrong with things in the crypto space… what good is a “coin” you can’t or won’t spend because you think it might appreciate tomorrow?)


will do

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good question - i bought at various price pts from 3k to 15k back to 4k. i immediately bought more to replace it and will keep buying it. but i prob did technically eat a loss - maybe i can get a tax deduct. heh.


Assuming you are in the US, I think you should be able to if you can figure out your cost basis. To date, I think the IRS still considers any purchase to be the equivalent of a sale of cypto to USD. Crazy in one sense but strangely logical in another (you typically can’t buy some good by turning over stock shares, you would need to sell it to USD and then make your purchase). Since I’ve gotten into crypto, I’ve been meticulously keeping transaction records of every buy and “sale”… yes that means every Tx (gas) cost to move from wallet to wallet is a “sale” of crypto to pay for that transaction. As is exchanging ETH for XYO.

But back to your original statement of wanting BTC back for a refund… first off, good luck with that… :smile: but what if BTC was at $1,000… would you want 0.37 BTC back then or the USD $1500? What if BTC jumped to $10,000 between now and when you demanded a refund… sure you’d want 0.37 BTC back then, but would XYO want to give it to you? Or should you simply get back whatever $1500 USD is worth in BTC at that moment in time the refund was processed?

This is what fascinates me about the cypto space… so many unanswered questions and unknown situations… love it

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I tried 4 times to order the kit with my visa, with 3 errors, final time it worked however I was charged the non diacounted price,

After changing to Australia dollar cost me $3397.31 I’m not a happy camper.

Sent multiple emails yesterday , with no reply. At the discounted price I was cool with it but not at the price I paid,

I Hope someone can help me. I just hopet hey refund me the $1000 us or cancel the whole order.


Ouch, that sucks. I know it blows having to wait, but give them a chance to make it right. They are probably pretty busy this week getting ready for Thursday. Why do you think you got the errors, was your card denying it like mine was back when I bought the regular mining kit? I didn’t get mine to go through until I used a different card. The error back from XYO was less than helpful so I didn’t realize I was getting denied until I saw the emails from my card.


hopefully the dataism class will be worth $5k and the geo workshop worth $3k etc. and I won’t need to return it. somehow the dataism class that is worth $5k is included in a $167 ticket to devzilla so i am hoping to be pleasantly surprise - it was my deciding factor to go with the kit.


I have had faith with them so far, so fingers crossed they get it sorted.

What exactly is in the update do u know


They’re bringing the matrix online… Documentation over on the dev site is getting totally reworked. Check out (search for XYO) to see latest developments blurbs.

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Cheers ryan, will do.

Well got an email from Jin today at XYO.

So stoked in the service less than 48hrs later. Considering time zone differences not bad at all.

They are going to honor the discounted rate and refund the $1000 US

I did ask if their was any idea why we r having this visa issue.

If I hear anything I will share so hopefully it helps.

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