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I am in Central Standard Time Zone. Arkansas. I get off of work every day at 5 pm. Every day at 5pm or shortly before Coinapp runs out of coins and the daily drop is not until 6 pm my time. Every day I cannot mine on my commute home. On occassion we may stay and play games on our phones for awhile instead of leaving. But it is getting really annoying. I know there is no perfect time for the whole world to recieve the coin drop and I can only imagine that someone is having to manually do this at the XYO Headquarters for now. With more and more people coming on board to geomine the blackout period will only get larger. Can there be two drops daily? Or heaven forbid, lessen the amounts generated to cover these gaps. Or maybe do a 23 hour period instead of 24 and let it reset each week. That would make it a 7 day rolling blackout so that the same area is not left in the dark each day at the same time. With a 8 or 9 hour workday XYO would still be able to create the drops during their normal business hours just at a different time each day on a weekly schedule. My thoughts from the Peanut Gallery.
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Mineless in CST.

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I was wondering about that same scenario (someone commuting near the time the coins run out). It’s zero UTC for the reload so that’s 4 PM Pacific for me. I’ve had the all gone alert as early as the noon (lunch break where I walk mining) hour but I suspect those were days some users were faking location data to scoop up XYO. Sounds like the company is aware and has kicked them to the curb.

But basically it seems this process of clicking the pickaxe and receiving these geodropped coins isn’t really going to be the end game here, so I wouldn’t stress too much. It’s just a way to get users excited and talking while they build up the service. Think of every coin you do get as a bonus for being an early adopter, things are likely going to be entirely different in a month or so.


I hear u, however it’s between 7am and 8am In Perth Australia

Is hard to cater to the whole globe


Its 5pm Colorado


Does Colorado stay on standard time year round? It’s 5 PM in California now (daylight saving time) but was 4 PM when we were on standard a few weeks ago.

I haven’t seen the “All gone” message since they added auto collect, by the way. Has anyone seen it in the last week?


My bad…6@_ryan


no worries…

BTW, I’ve seen the “All Gone” message the last two days… first time about 45 minutes before 0 UTC… and yesterday about 1:15 before 0 UTC. Curious if we’ll see it today given that Scott’s STILL talking on his show, going on 5 hours! Everyone is watching and no one is mining… :slight_smile:


I’m minning!!! I watched all of the 1st 3 videos…


well, me too… stationary mining is slow but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick…