Crypto Wallet Recommendations

I am new to all of this and have learned a ton in just a few days. I still do not understand most of it but can see where this is a huge tech advancement for the future.

I am currently waiting on my mining kit. But in the meantime, I have been using the COIN app and slowly building up my tokens.

I’m just wondering what is everyone’s preferred Crypto wallet to be used with the XYO tokens and do you also have hardware wallets?

Like I said this is my first venture into any type of Crypto and any advice or help would be greatly appreciated


I’m using KuCoin to store and Changelly to purchase eth then trade for xyo tokens in KC

I use a Ledger hardware wallet with MyEtherWallet for ERC20 tokens, including XYO.
I haven’t mined enough with the COIN app to try withdrawing to it yet though.

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Thanks, @KaptKos and @Yompster, between your suggestions and more reading, I went with MyEtherwallet for now. Will be getting a Ledger Hardware wallet later down the road once I even have anything to store on it. Have been mining since the coin app came out and been waiting since the 8th of Feb for my mining kit. So needless to say just using the app alone has not gotten me very large returns (best I have done is 0.41). But every little bit helps right now.

I have a ledger as well and am wondering how to get the XYO on to it. I know it is Ether20 coin and the ledger can do that but XYO is not a supported coin. I just don’t want to send it somewhere it can’t be stored and loose it all.

Has anyone used LACOIN??

ERC20 tokens are stored on the same wallet address as Ether. If you access a Ledger wallet address with MyEtherWallet you will see an ETH balance and down to the right any token balances for that wallet address. For more obscure tokens like XYO you may have to use the token search bar to show it.

If you are new to transferring crypto funds or tokens, its always best to send only a small amount first and see the wallet address receive it before making any high value transfers.

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I am using MetaMask to withdraw my tokens out of COIN then transferring them to KuCoin for trading. Not sure if you can withdraw straight to KuCoin or any other exchange for that matter yet. Am I wrong?

@Yompster makes a good point. My first attempts in any tradings/withdrawals I tried small amount just to make sure it was successful.

I have a mining kit and often just get 0.4 or less and up to 4.2 rarely, most inbetween 1.2 and 3.2 Apears to be no rules / system