Crypto trading training

What is best for a beginner to learn about crypto trading, etc.?

Be sure you are sending to the correct wallet address!

Don’t be like @butterfingers and send to a private key by mistake, no way to recover it that I have been able to find :-1::-1::-1::-1:.

I suggest testing a small amount to be sure it goes through properly.

@jtarbuckjr Good Q. We do monthly lunch and learn sessions in San Diego at a nearby workspace. Our next topic/session will be on June 6th, and the topic will be using exchanges & trading 101. We may be live-streaming this one session and if that’s the case, if you’re not local you can register and watch. Will let you know when I can confirm the livestream vs. only in person item.

Thanks, please do let me know!

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@jtarbuckjr, we’re considering the live-streaming option for future events but this one will not be live-streamed. That said, a couple of reliable options for you to get a sense of the basics are the following places. They are a good place to start (both are hyperlinked):

  1. Crypto Trading, Explained
  2. 5 Simple Steps, Learn How To Trade Cryptocurrency – Ultimate Guide

Hope this is helpful!

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