Creating sentinels / What hardware is the sentinel?

I was interested in creating my own beacons to add to the network but, did not find information on what type of beacon XYO is currently using as there sentinels. I believe they are Bluetooth devices but, I am not quite sure how to incorporate them with the given SDK on XYO’s GitHub.

Would these work as a sentinel?:
Bluetooth Beacon
Waterproof Bluetooth Beacon
Bluetooth Temperature Beacon

I posted on XYO’s reddit yesterday with a similar Question and Johnny from XYO responded with the link to the android SDK giving a example of why XY might not be the best manufacturer for every situation.
Linked Here:

I also believe you can make your own bridges with a raspberry pi 3 B (as it supports android things (info here)) I haven’t attempted this just yet but, I believe it should be not to hard to figure out.

Have any of you tried to pursue this or something similar?

Any information would be great.

Thank you -Daniel Lynes

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Id be interested in making my own bridge, hopefully someone can help out