Correct token value?

Hi guys and girls. I’m eventually going to want to cash out, but i can’t seem to be able to find two websites that agree the tokens value. Do you know if there is a site that is the ‘official’ value? Has anyone tried to cash out any tokens yet? If so, which site did you find to have the most accorate value stated?

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CoinGecko gives an average price based on volume & price across all exchanges:


But so does walletinvestor, but according to gecko 1 xyo = £0.00211162 and according to walletinvester 1 xyo= £0.002047 so who is right?

Both are right and both are wrong.

The price varies across exchanges. Each exchange has its own individual price at any moment in time. Averaging these prices gives a good overall indication (this is what CoinGecko and Wallet investor do).

If you want an actual selling price, look at the price on each exchange and chose the one where it is highest (assuming that exchange also has a reasonable volume of transactions).

It was interesting when XYO was on the first 2 or 3 exchanges, each of which offered a price in ETH and a price in BTC. Once or twice I saw the USD price varying over 30% between exchanges/pairs. It has equalised for more now, but some variation remains.

Ok, cool. This is the first crypto I’ve had more than $1 in (have 2 laptops running bitcoin mines whilst I’mnot using them). And so, whilst many things are stright foward to me (like the programming and the networks side) which i learned at university, there are a few things I’m still learning.


Exchanges verey in prices.

You could do arbitrage with the various exchange values, but I am not sure how many hoops you would have to jump through to take advantage of differing exchange values, and the associated transaction cost.