Correct easy to follow instructions


Hi all from Perth Australia.

this is a repeated request I have noticed.
PIZZAMIND or someone please help ur comunitee with this.

XYO have great ideas but with out INSTRUCTIONS we are all blind.


@Geooz I can help probably, what type of instructions where you looking for: Setup of the mining kit? How to work the COIN app? Setup of the Network App? Accessing Matrix and Web App? Let me know what you want to learn first and would be happy to make something up for you. I have a couple of pretty detailed instructions in my posts of how to get things working, but still would be happy to tailor one for you or anyone else who needed help.

ReconCatLord :telescope::cat2::crown:

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G’day champ.

That would be great.

First want to set up my mining kit,

I also use coin a lot,

Just drove 1200km thru out back western Australia to place called cue,

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Can u help, have not been contacted about update for my miner, as per geohackers forum feed

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@Geooz Hey there, sorry about the delay, its been a busy month in the Army. So how can I help you the best, what would you like help in. You mentioned your mining kit before is that where you want to start?


Sounds great, any help is appreciated , thanks mate, . I’m x RAAF. Respect my Brother in arms.stay safe