Corn, soybean and other crops (Hemp) farmer's trucks


Ask farmers if I could set up an XYO Bridge in their truck yard.

Ask different ethenol plants and Co-Ops to set up bridges near the inbound/outbound weight scales.

Ask state DOT troopers to carry/download the bridge software to their smart device.

Have the farmers attach a sentinel to their trucks.

The sentinels mine from yard to ethenol plant/coop and back. Farmer knows when that truck arrives at plant and back to yard.

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Is this something you are working on?


Yes. I worked part time last fall hauling corn to an ethenal plant and I got the farmer interested in my idea. Need to convince the plant in my hometown to the idea.

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Same thing for cattle/hog ranchers truck hauling them to packing plants.

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Actually wouldn’t really need a bridge at the plant, just leave a sentinel near the weigh stations. It shakes hands with sentinel on truck and when truck gets back to farmers yard, passes info to bridge located there.


@KaptKos Do the sentinels need to be “checked in” at the bridge or do they just do it on their own when they get near? You’ve got me curious about how that might work with the trucks at my work.


From what I’ve been told, they just need to be within proximity of the bridge and each other. The sentinel located at weight scale makes connection to one in truck. It takes awhile to have crop tested for damage and water content, long enough for the two sentinels to make that connection and exchange Geo info. Then when truck gets in range of the bridge at the farm the sentinels automatically unloads Geo info to the bridge.