Community led Marketing and competitions


Hey Scott and team. I know Marketing is your forte and Scott is a Marketing God. Perhaps running some fun competitions will encourage more peer to peer marketing/ investors to engage others investors by advocating xyo to their friends and associates.

Would you consider a fun competition asking members of the community to create a unique post about xyo on their Facebook/Twitter with direct links to Gamma ( this can also be used to create some buzz when mainnet is ready). Top 2 investors with the most unique post and likes etc can win some xyo tokens.

I did ask one of the admins to pass on this request to u a few days ago. Not sure they did.


Hi QueenBee, Awesome “seeing” you outside of Telegram! :wave:

This is a great idea and something we have discussed internally. We are definitely looking for ways to incentivize our community members but the conversation with rewarding XYO tokens seems to lead to the taxation issue given that we are located in the United States. But we are going to find a way to make (if not this) something very similar work and all of you here will be the first to know.



YES PLEASE!! Will you be airdropping tokens to peoples wallets at Spatial?

As you can drop to a location to anyone with the wallet?

Or that is to come?

All sounds so exciting!! <3


any feedback on the Town /City local economy currency idea? I have so many ideas for it…

Not sure i want to share them all so openly lol

Invite me to Spatial I will come speak direct :slight_smile:

Wishes :wink:

any competition to win a ticket, hotel etc?


Maybe can design a competition for ideas ad for us all? PLEASE ASAP?
Lets get this ball rolling!! I just got 1 more :slight_smile:


Hello XYO. I have an idea that would create many more COIN and XYO users. If I start it off, it would created many new users and probably double the number of these new users every month. Is there any way I could benefit from this rapid expansion?


@Geobow pride? making XYO more successful seems to be the best return on investment you could make…


Yes agreed. I was hoping to make some money for charities. Didn’t come over as intended so I reposted the following

Introduce your favorite charity’s Chief fund raiser to COIN. Show how they can boost their funds income at no cost to them. If needed, help them open a wallet in the charity’s name. Ask him to recruit their staff & supporters to open a COIN app and account in their own names. When they reach 10,000 coins tell them how to transfer to the charity’s wallet.

XYO network expands rapidley and becomes all charities best fund raising partner.
Charities benefit from increase in number of new supporters who wish to help but unable to give hard cash.
Who benefits most. Not those listed above but those they support whether its a children’s charity, medical/life saving, wild life, or your favorite charity. Many thousands of people would benefit.

When I mention or ask anyone what they could tell me about Crypto currencies, altcoins or online wallets, I’m usually met with: Not a clue, Avoid it, Its a con, A fad that won’t last, Its a Plague. Most people are very uncomfortable with this subject.
However ask the same people what they could tell me about Loyalty points, I’m usually met with: Their brillient, Great, I have several store cards, I get free Coffees, free or reduced Air travel with my Airmiles, Used to collect Green shield stamps, etc. Most people are very comfortable with this subject. If I then liken coins (don’t tell them its crypto) to loyalty points but pointing out that they DO NOT, first have to first spend their money, visit a particular shop or business and don’t have to spend their accrued points in the same shop but can spend / invest / donate it any where they choose, then they become very interested"

Unfortunately, No one on the forum or XYO seams interested in the idea.
I also wrote to several charities informing them of how they could benifit from Coin / XYO.
I did not ask for a reply, so don’t know if any of them opened a coin app account. Suspect they thought it to be a con and just ignored my letter. Never mind, I tried and still think it a good idea. Just a pity no one else does.
Why ?

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It is a pretty good idea.

People are greedy with their tokens though. Huge uproar any time mining rewards are decreased. You could definitely have people mine and donate their earnings to the same charity wallet every time they cash out. If the charity you like doesn’t respond, you can do it anyway and just give them the tokens later, once they realize how valuable that wallet has become over time.

Let no one stop you from your dreams! :smiley:


@Geobow yeah, it’s an interesting idea but not sure how practical over the long term. I don’t really think XYO giving away tokens indefinitely through COIN is a sustainable process unless it changes from collecting the drops to actually doing something productive for the network. In the current form, COIN seems more of a marketing tool.

Now, I’ve been racking my brain on how I can use staking in some fashion to have a productive app people would want to use (or even just as a PoC)… from that perspective, something with the charity having a COIN type app (or maybe that is what COIN becomes) to provide local drops of tokens for people to collect at events might make sense (sure they give away some crypto, but hopefully earn more in fiat at their event!).

Take a look at the new partnership with Bulvrd and how they implemented giving away XYO with their service… I saw a screenshot from someone where they earned 2 tokens… not a lot but yeah, it’s a start.