Coming Together! Awesome Job!

So in the past few weeks I have seen everyone really coming together in all different aspects of XYO:

-We have Geohackers working on 3D Printing custom holders and products
-Some are working on building custom hardware for their Archivist Nodes
-Geohackers working on Software setups across all platforms
-Programmers, Coders and Developers from all walks of life helping each other out
-PenTesters and Crypto Enthusiasts modifying and finding solutions to issues
-Geohackers communicating on everything from Reddit to Medium to Discord
-Crypto Investors, Common Stock Investors, DevOps Enthusiasts, Entrepreneurs all working Together

Best of All, we have tons of people with no Crypto, Mining, Tech or Investment experience, all doing their best to learn and support a future vision and emerging future in which interaction with the world around us can turn into innovation, financial security, and evolution of the connected society the we live in.

Just wanted to say Thank You to all who are contributing! If you have any questions, comments, ideas, fixes, suggestions, issues, complaints, feel free to message me or any other of the regulars on here. Good Luck and XYO to The MOON!!!

ReconCatLord :telescope::cat2::crown:


For sure…ill have more questions, I cool to see that everyones out there’s not snake…thank u for being patient :sunglasses:@ReconCatLord

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Thanks ReconCatLord! I have a question to ask. :grinning:

Yesterday, when I tried to Setup Checklist on MATRIX, it shows my “Request ETH” is success. But, how come my account does not show this 1 ETH ? Also, why cannot I continually do the “Request XYO”?

Thanks again! Sam

matrix1 matrix2 matrix3

Figure out how to Create Request via Matrix. Thanks! :blush: