COINAPP update problem


Updated coin app on my Samsung Android phone
.the screen opens showing sentinels detected in bottom green bar with the top tally bar indicating Loading but the map will not come up so I can’t mine. It seems Locked.
Checked Location on (Google maps work fine) WiFi Bluetooth OK
Restarted phone. Deleted coin app and re down loaded several times but now can’t think of any thing else to try. Anyone else got this problem or know a fix?
Between my numerous reload attempts I updated coin on my tablet and that was successful.

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For mine it’s saying loading… in the count bar and taking a while to load my token count. Also it seems that the gps signal is turning off cause my blue dot just turns grey and doesn’t move at all.


Chrisj469 I’m in a poor signal area but usually get GPS after a few mins but I’m getting no map or even a blue grey spot, nothing at all. No amount in top tally bar just loading, All was fine before I updated COINapp.
Have now installed COIN on my wife’s phone and that was successful first time.
Didn’t alter any settings on my phone before updating COIN, however Samsung did an auto update earlier on. Hoping XYO OR COIN can make a suggestion


I’m in downtown Toronto Canada and my phone has a great signal but for some reason the gps on the app keeps crapping out. I’m using a pixel phone which works really accurately for when I use my GPS but still it keeps stalling when using coinapp.


My problem sorted.
My location was ON but clicking on
LOCATION ON brought up 3 options for ON.
One was ticked for PHONE ONLY, unticking it allowed the map to load on COIN app.