COIN, iPhone vs Android

So I’m running the COIN app on my iPhone and I’ve noticed a couple differences when running it on an Android phone. I drive for about an hour most nights with a few of my friends. 3 of us are running on iPhone Xs and 1 is on a galaxy S9+. It seems Android is able to collect a square and refresh twice as fast as any of the iPhones. Also the “Notice area has already been mined” no longer pops of for Android. So you can just keep clicking away. Has anyone else experienced/noticed this or know of any other differences?

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Yup, really frustrating… I use an a IPhone X while driving the bar will turn red while I’m pressing as soon it mines it turns blue finding my sentinel, a lot of times it will stay stuck in the same square for like a minute then it will move after I drove a mile.

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Yes, I very much dislike the way the COIN app doesn’t keep moving the blue ball real-time to indicate location, but it does highlight a new square as I move. New square->activated pickaxe, and when I click the pickaxe, only then does the blue ball move to where I am. As I mostly mine while walking, I have to stand still to avoid having COIN jump to another square and give me credit for a square further on, skipping the square I was hoping for.
“First world problems,” of course, and I’m very excited that I can now mine with Sentinels present, as they arrived today!

So when I get my Geomining kit w 8 sentinels I’m supposed to get 12x the amount of tokens, right?

8 sentinels x 12 = 96
With 96 times the amount of tokens collected without sentinels:
96 x .02 =1.92 tokens per click.

How the fuck does someone collect 400k coins in the first 3 weeks of COIN being released?

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Thanks for the replies guys but I really did not intend for this to be a complaint thread. Just wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing differences between the iOS COIN and the Android COIN. Looks like after the latest update this post is now irrelevant. Both seem to be working the same now. (Other than the pop up notification for areas that are already mined. I am still getting those)

Ya I also want to know how the hell that is possible?

I was able to collect a decent amount in my brief drives to work and after. Anyone that has a delivery job could easily earn upwards of 100k if they were collecting during their routes. Others hopped on trains and spent they’re days doing it that way

I am on the road for most of the day and was collecting an average of 200XYO without any Sentinels. So with Sentinels would be around 2400XYO which is still only 16800XYO per week. The top person for the first week managed to mine nearly 400 000XYO. That would be 57143XYO per day or 2381XYO per hour which just sounds impossible.


Three weeks in, I have a whopping 501.72

Enough for a pint of beer if my bar accepted crypto

I think I read that the person who mined so much that first week was the passenger on a road trip, so able to smash that pick-axe like crazy. Just dumb luck with the road trip planned already the week COIN came out.

Masturbation would have been more time consuming

It’s only possible because they were spoofing their GPS and using an auto clicker 24/7. The auto clicker was only available for android devices because, you know Apple actually understands what apps like this are for, to cheat at something.

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